Bubonic and Pneumonic plague – do terrorists like ISIS have these weapons of mass destruction and, more importantly, will they use them?


I just read several scary news articles that were mentioning scary topics like the bubonic and pneumonic plague and the fact that these plagues could be weapon eyes that and easily used as weapons of mass destruction with very lethal consequences. There hasn’t been much of a resurgence of either of these plagues since the 1920s and then all the sudden they started to surface again in 2015 and 2016.

Why? Why are these deadly diseases making a comeback after all these years? More importantly why are researchers and organizations like the World Health Organization and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) putting such a great emphasis on finding a cure for a disease that was pretty much outmoded and hasn’t seen much activity since the days of the black plague hundreds of years ago?

Well it turns out that there are or were weapons of mass destruction in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran and other Third World countries that are chock-full of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, ISIS and others. In these countries bribery and corruption are the norm. So these weapons can easily fall into the hands of terrorists. When you equip that with the fact that immigrants are leaving these countries in droves by the millions and going to Europe, Asia, Africa and America to avoid the constant warring and violence the possibilities for these weapons of mass destruction to include nerve gas, mustard gas, bubonic and pneumonic plague, and numerous other chemicals and diseases the possibility becomes huge.

Per some of the researchers at the CDC and World Health Organization, it’s not a matter of if but when that a terrible disease or weapon of mass destruction will be unleashed by a terrorist organization. These organizations will stop at nothing to try and change the way in which we all live. They don’t care about anyone’s lives and in many cases don’t even care about their own. Many them are led by atheist or pagan beliefs and have no care for human life.

Some of these weapons and diseases that they could spread could result in deaths and tragedies of biblical catastrophic proportions. All it takes is for one of these weaponized plagues to be unleashed in a major city and you could have millions or even billions dead within weeks to months.

The fact that the CDC and the WHO have singled out bubonic plague and pneumonic plague as one of the deadliest diseases of the 13th and 14th century that wiped out literally one third of the population in human history is most likely to be re-emergent in our near future here is extremely scary to me. You equip that with the fact that these diseases have close to 100% mortality rate and the pneumonic plague is actually airborne and you can see the potential grave implications from this.

In case you didn’t know, the Japanese used both forms of plague in World War II by dropping infected fleas and rats on major cities in China. This was reported to have caused over 400,000 deaths just by itself. Now you can see how quickly a weaponized disease can cause catastrophic deaths. When you equate that with a very modernized society these diseases could quickly cross borders, countries, oceans and become the next great epidemic.

We need to be wary of this and wary of what goes on around us. More needs to be done in the realm of virus in disease containment. We already seen this with the bolus scare that happen in United States just a few years ago. Ebola is nowhere as near as violent and as potentially dangerous as pneumonic plague. Remember, when the world was much less populated in the 13th and 14th century and it took a lot longer for travel upwards of 1 billion or more people died from this terrible disease that was linked to rats and fleas.

Be wary my friends, read and watch the news. Real, unfiltered news can be found at websites like DrudgeReport.com. Be wary and remember, the truth is out there.

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Dandelion Root Tea – Could It Really Be The Miracle Cure For Cancer We’ve Been Waiting For?

Dandelion root tea

If you haven’t heard yet, there is groundbreaking cancer research going on right now in Europe, Canada and Australia. What’s really interesting is that all of the research evolves around a weed that commonly grows in everybody’s lawn – the dandelion. In particular it has to do with the roots of the dandelion plant.

In the research the scholars are using both extracts and tea made solely from the dandelion root. And what they found is amazing. A simple tea made from ground up or crushed dandelion root is more effective at treating all types of cancer and retarding cancerous growth then chemotherapy and radiation combined.

The best part is there’s absolutely no side effects. As everyone knows chemotherapy and radiation kill both cancerous cells and healthy cells and have very negative side effects from nausea to weight loss and hair loss and general malaise and sickness. There are people out there now that have stage III and stage IV breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer and other cancers that are so sick of having to go through chemo and radiation treatments that they’ve decided it’s better to just not do it and die peacefully without the terrible side effects.

Some patients have even stated that the chemotherapy and radiation side effects were worse than the actual cancer. While researchers are seeing now is that treatment with the dandelion root causes cancers to go into remission, patients feel better, they don’t lose their hair, and they don’t get depressed. They also don’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for expensive treatments. Even if you’re covered by insurance your insurance company pays an arm and a leg for these treatments with chemotherapy and radiation which means ever increasing insurance costs.

But now they found that the dandelion root is more effective and the only cost is the time it takes you to make tea out of it. That’s it. You can either grow your own dandelion plants and I recommend not growing them in the lawn but instead growing them in a Planters box or a pot. If you don’t want to grow dandelions you can purchase dandelion root either ground up or in whole form in bulk over the Internet.

Pound of dandelion root can be bought either free roasted or non-roasted and it goes for about $15-$20 a pound with free shipping. That’s enough to make tea for one person for many many months. A huge difference when you equate that to the cost of chemotherapy or radiation treatments or both. It’s not a disgusting tasting tea and if you like you can combine it like I do with a bag of green tea from your local store like Walmart.

I usually shave a little bit of dry dandelion root or clip some fresh dandelion root and add it to a cop along with a bag of green tea or if I’m getting ready for bed chamomile tea. Sometimes I’ll add a little spoonful of honey to it to give it some extra flavor. And I find every day I take this dandelion root tea I feel better and better. So, do yourself a favor, and read up more about dandelion root and dandelion root tea and the tremendous health benefits associated with it and the research and clinical trials that are going on now in Canada, Europe and Australia.

For more great information on dandelion root tea and its amazing health benefits watch this great video:

FaceBook – is your data really safe and what does the NSA and government really have on you?

FaceBook data is being recorded by the NSA

Just so everyone knows – Just because you opt out of the Nearby Friends function in both Android and iPhone apps that does not mean you aren’t being tracked and your data is being sold, scoured and used both for good and for bad. FaceBook, just like Google, has agreements to sell your data (All your data) both to companies and to the US government (CIA, NSA, FBI and the IRS among other organizations).  Just Google NSA data collection or FaceBook data use by NSA – you will see thousands of articles, news commentaries and more on what is really going on with your data.

What this means is that every time you login to FaceBook, search on Google, send an email, etc. they (the NSA data collectors, FaceBook, etc…) have your location to within 100 ft (the feds get that good of a fix on your last use, versus you get .5 miles if you turn on Nearby Friends) and it doesn’t matter if you are in Mexico, Canada, or anywhere for that matter. The feds have used this to catch thousands of felons and criminals that are stupid enough to use and post on social sites like FaceBook and others (uhm, you know the cops, feds, etc. are watching you – right? It’s not just prospective employers anymore and HR departments).  The NSA uses this to actively track political opponents for high up officials in Washington and anyone they perceive as a threat.

You must assume that all your data is being recorded every time you login, every time you post and from every location you post. It just boggles my mind that most people (over 99.99%) don’t know this. And those bad data breaches that occur (think Home Depot, Target, IRS, NASA, Dept. of Energy)? You think it’s a simple mistake? More often than not, it’s that the hackers found a government required backdoor – they just won’t tell you that. They then close that backdoor and open a new one without telling you anything – the government loves these doorways into your data and lives too much to ever let them go.  The NSA records this data on everyone (citizen or not) at their new trillion dollar NSA data collection center.

This is not to say don’t use FaceBook or Google+, Reddit, etc.., instead, it’s just a wake-up call. And, it doesn’t matter how you login (anonymous, public libraries, OPC (other people’s computers), encrypted connections, etc…) they’ve got you once you login to your social account – this is why the government loves FaceBook and Google so much and why they have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on new data centers to harvest this data.

Edward Snowden did a lot to bring this misuse of US citizen data to light. More needs to be done. I am just making you aware of the fact that this occurs every time you use a social site – Nearby Friends or not. You may not get or see the data, but be sure that others are recording everything you do, say, see and your whereabouts. And, the scariest part is sometimes its not just the US government that has all this data – other governments are jumping on the Big Data bandwagon and harvesting this same data too. China requires this of large social networks. So does Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and more.

Just be smart. As long as you know this and are okay with it, then keep on doing what you are doing. It’s those that don’t know that I am writing this for.








How to program your thermostat

I have rental houses and it found that these programmable thermostats can be quite annoying unless you have the manuals.  They have so many different modes on them.  They have sleep mode, awake mode, wake mode, away mode, temp mode, etc… Each of these modes can be set to a certain temperature.  For someone inexperienced with these programmable thermostats this can be really quite annoying if you have the wrong setting or temperature set for one or any of these modes.

It could be the difference between your occasional working and not working.  Then to make it worse if you have rental houses and have different programmable thermostats each one it can be very annoying to figure out or reset all the settings.  Many HVAC companies don’t even want to go out to work on a thermostat that they don’t service or install.  They’ll just charge you for the trip out to your house and not fix anything until you they can’t fix it.

This is why at rental houses I don’t put programmable thermostats in.  I don’t even have them at my house because they’re so annoying.  The other problem is they have a battery in them in case the house loses power to the settings don’t get lost, but the battery doesn’t last forever and I’ve seen it when the settings do get lost due to a bad battery.  Then you have to go in and reset everything all over again.

The only reason why I have programmable thermostats at some of my rental houses is because the renters in some cases have decided to install them without telling me. Then they conveniently deny that they had in new with it and that it was there beforehand. You have to pick and choose your battles with your renters. Do you want to argue with them over a programmable thermostat or not? I know why the install them they’re just trying to save money and I can understand that.

I found a great video that someone put up on YouTube that explains exactly step-by-step how to set or reset a programmable thermostat. This is done on a Honeywell programmable thermostat, but the ideas from it I have found can work on virtually any programmable thermostat. It actually takes you in six minutes step-by-step to every mode and setting on the thermostat.

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Once you follow this you will have the thermostat set to how you want for days of the week, weekends, certain times of the day like when you are away at work, or even on vacations. You can also even change the kick in time period (1 minute to 5 minutes or more). Once program correctly you will have everything the exact way you want and you can utilize this to save money on your energy bills during the hot months of summer.

And if are a landlord like me you will have less phone calls from your renters that the AC does not work. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to set it correctly and then it basically is set it and forget it. Here’s the video I also posted above too for ease of reference.

Why you should be juicing green, leafy vegetables and wheatgrass

If you haven’t been watching the latest documentaries on the healthcare crisis and your individual health, then you need to start doing that.  Even TEDx, one of the world’s leading symposiums of great educated speakers, has a plethora of events and speeches that are very educational and that will probably blow your mind about what’s really good for you and what’s not and what’s being publicized wrongly.

There are websites out there which are bought and paid for by the largest hospital chains and pharmaceutical companies whom are only interested in profits and their bottom line.  One of those websites and associated magazines is WebMD.  If you look at their website and search for things like juicing wheatgrass, which by the way has been proven to be one of the best treatments out there for all kinds of ailments, and they will say there’s no clinical proof that it works or should even be used.

Do you know why that is?  The answer is simple their most profitable treatment is chemotherapy.  Why on earth would they want to give you or tell you about a treatment that is more effective and that you can grow in your own backyard?  The problem here is there’s no profit for the hospitals (like Carolinas Healthcare System which makes sure every waiting room has WebMD and not much else) and the large pharmaceutical companies. So they don’t want you to know the truth.

This is all it takes to take back your health – one glass of green juice per day!

The truth here is simple – juicing dark green leafy vegetables increases your body’s absorption of nutrients and minerals by upwards of 90% over eating the same leafy matter.  Now what’s special with dark green leafy material like spinach, kale, wheatgrass and barley grass is that they’re full of chlorophyll.  They have much more of this than any other plant out there except for wild grown clover and alfalfa and maybe chlorella or algae (which are too difficult to grow for an individual’s consumption).

Chlorophyll in numerous experiments and in research that the healthcare industry does not want you to get a hold of (they don’t help publicize findings that are not in agreement with their profits) clearly show that chlorophyll kills cancer and disease.  You heard that right – it kills it!  What does that mean for you?  Well eating vegetables like corn and potatoes are okay, there is no comparison to eating spinach, kale and wheatgrass.

Green vegetables, and especially dark green leafy vegetables, have very high concentrations of chlorophyll.  By juicing this you are greatly increasing the amount of chlorophyll you’re taking into your body.  For instance, a 10 to 12 ounce glass of fresh juiced wheatgrass contains more vitamins, nutrients and chlorophyll then over 180 salads.  This is why when people drink green juice they sometimes feel tingling in their scalp or throughout their body.  This is due to a number wonderful property of chlorophyll and high chlorophyll greens – it cleanses the body.

It may not look great, but when you know how healthy it is and that it can and does actually kill cancer, you will quickly want to make green juice a part of your daily regimen.

You heard that right.  It cleanses out the body.  What that means is it dissolves and removes deposits like plaque and chlorophyll that do accumulate in the veins and arteries of our bodies over time.  As these veins and arteries become clear so do the capillaries that are attached to them.  The capillaries are actually the first parts of your body to clog from poor nutrition.  People that drink green juice tend to feel a tingling throughout their body of areas where the capillaries were clogged.  As the capillaries start to become cleared out sensation becomes improved throughout the body.

Research has shown that in men it tends to be the scalp area.  Reduced circulation to the scalp has been proven to be an indicator in male pattern baldness.  By drinking green juice it has been clinically proven to increase blood flow to the scalp and two other appendices of the body.  Another great affect of green juice is improved circulation to the legs and the arms.  This has been shown and clinically proven to help diabetic patients whom are prone to poor circulation especially in their legs, feet and toes.

There are documentaries you can watch on Netflix, YouTube and other places on the Internet that will show you example after example of people that have either radically reduced their cancer related diseases or altogether cured themselves of cancer due to a change in diet by adding juicing of dark leafy greens like wheatgrass, barleygrass and others.

A great documentary on juicing vegetables and a great story of one man’s journey on taking back his health.

There was a story I saw on one of these documentaries of a lady that had stage IV breast cancer and cervical cancer that had spread throughout her body.  She decided to change her diet and went to a diet completely of juicing green vegetables.  Her cancer disappeared and she still live today.  The interesting part here is she never took chemotherapy because she saw how horrible chemo is and what it does to people – it can actually kill you and as it’s been said one treatment of chemo takes five years on average off your life.  She didn’t want to go through that and instead she found a way to greatly increase her health, literally kill her cancer, and live a longer happier life – she juices wheatgrass daily.

In one of these documentaries there was a veterinarian over in England that was using wheatgrass juice to treat dogs with tumors.  He was having such great success with this (almost 100% of the dogs tumors shrunk and/or disappeared) that he got sued by the pharmaceutical industry over in England because they did not want this information to get out to the public.  Just another instance of where big Pharma and big medicine (massive non for profit hospital chains like Carolinas healthcare system) is clearly looking out for their own self interests (by the way, the CEO of Carolinas healthcare system, Michael Tarwater is slated to make over $10 million this year including his bonuses and perks – and yet they are a non-for profit…)

That’s right, so can you imagine what a tall glass of 10-12 ounces of green juice will do for you once per day?

There are so many documentaries out there that are great and they show you how our diet especially in America today is terrible.  We lots of cancer-causing red meats, very little vegetables (the average American eats less than 30% of the US required daily allotment of vegetables), and tons of sugar and bad fats.  If you are having issues with your health and I don’t wish that on anybody to be in that situation, but if that’s you you may want to start reading up on juicing wheatgrass and dark leafy vegetables.  You will be amazed at what you find.

The added nutritional value, the fact that you will be cleansing your body of all the crap you put in it throughout your life, the fact that leafy green vegetables are high in chlorophyll which is proven beyond a shadow it out to kill cancer, the improved circulation, improved health, etc… Should be something that grabs you and says, “hey, you need to be trying this!”  Watch some of those documentaries and then be sure and tell other people about this.  Improve your health and improve the health of those around you.

They say one person cannot make a change.  I say hogwash.  We can take back our health from the greed stricken CEOs of big Pharma and big medicine.  We can take back our health from corrupt CEOs like Michael Tarwater of Carolina’s Healthcare Syatems.  We can use today’s social system to spread real news about what really works to increase health, treat and cure cancer and greatly decrease the cost of healthcare today.

Yep – what I just said – green juice kills cancer. This alone should make everyone want to start trying it out.

Learn what you can about drinking green juice and about juicing wheatgrass or other dark leafy greens.  There really is something to it.  The stuff works and I know it because I drink it myself and I make it every single day.  I used to have numerous health issues.  Then I learned through these documentaries on Netflix about how healthy juicing vegetables can be.  I lost about 20 pounds over a four-month period and my health increased dramatically.

My doctors cannot believe that my body’s health has reverted back 10 to 15 years or more.  And you know what don’t even take my word for it – watch the documentaries out there!  They are free and they will show you that juicing dark green leafy vegetables works.  They will also show you how sad the state of health is right now in America.  People are literally eating themselves to death.  This is also why are healthcare costs and insurance are rising at astronomical rates (the healthcare bubble will be one of the next bubbles to burst and will have catastrophic effects to the economy and more).

Be driven with determination and take back your health into your own hands.  Don’t let big hospital chains and big pharmaceutical companies dictate to you what is healthy when it really only drives their profits and obscene wealth.  Look in the juicing wheatgrass and other vegetables and watch what happens to your health and more.

Below are several great videos on growing and juicing wheatgrass for better health that everyone should watch:

How to unlock a stuck or locked work order or assignment in Track-IT helpdesk technician client

Has this happened to you?  You want to close out or access a work order or assignment on Track-IT helpdesk and it is locked or stuck.  It usually happens with assignments.  You try and save it and you get a message that it is locked by a technician.  Now, if that technician is there, you can just ask the technician to close their work order and it is usually fixed.

But what if that technician is on vacation and/or otherwise out of the office?  The next logical step is to reboot that technician’s workstation.  In 90% of cases this works.  This usually releases the hold and one can get full access to the work order and its associated assignments.  But what if this doesn’t work?  What if the work order is still locked?  This can and does happen.  There are 2 fixes for this.  One, is to reboot the actual Track-IT server (I don’t recommend this as any data that is not entered in will be lost – also, when you see the following method you will see there really is no reason to reboot the server and get the rest of the IS team mad at you).

The other (2nd method) is as follows and this works in just about every case:

Open Track-IT Technician Client and then go to Tools –> Admin console (if you do not see the admin console option then you are not an administrator and need to find someone with those rights or privileges before continuing).
Then go to Administration under Lookup Tables:


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Then click on Technicians and then select the Technician that has the report locked:


Select the technician and then click on Edit.


5 Simple words that can open up all sorts of opportunities for you!

The checkbox will be checked if the item is locked by that user:


Unselect the checkbox and the assignment or work order will be released. That is it.

SharePoint – How to change the left side navigation links

If you need or want to change the left side navigation links on SharePoint, below is exactly how to do it, step-by-step.

1) Click on site actions:

2) 2) Then select site settings:


3)  Next, select Navigation under Look and Feel:


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4) Go down the page and under the Navigation Editing and Sorting select the correct area for the link and then select edit:


5) Change the URL to what the new link should be:


6) Click okay and you are done. Be sure and remember that for the URL you will only be adding the path beyond the root domain – SharePoint will already add in the root. (ie. If root is ghost.com, and the link is really ghost.com/ghostdepts/ghostfiles/ghost.aspx then you would just add /ghostdepts/ghostfiles/ghost.aspx, you will leave out the ghost.com part). If you don’t do this the link will be wrong and will not work.

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How to create and find alerts for other users in SharePoint

To create an alert in Microsoft SharePoint (version 2010 – the process is the same and unchanged for 2013) go to the list and under List (not item), click on Alert Me:


There are 2 choices (Set an alert or manage my alerts).


Clicking set an alert takes you right into the build an alert page:


Whereas clicking on manage my alerts will bring up all your own individual alerts. Be aware that this will not show alerts made under different usernames (SP_Admin, system, etc..):

To add an alert just go through the list and select the title (pick something that will remind you a year or more down the road of what it is so it doesn’t get accidentally deleted or so you can quickly find it if it needs to be updated), users that will be getting the alerts, the delivery method – email, changes types and when (easiest is to select all changes and when anything changes). Then select if after every occurrence or in a daily or weekly summary. Then enter the alert.

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Finding the alerts of other users:

To find the alerts of other users you have to understand that the above methods are only for your own alerts. They will not show you the alerts of other users.

To find the alerts of other users, click on site actions> Site Settings>User Alerts (under Site Administration). Change (None) to the name of the user you would like to see the alerts under. If their name doesn’t exist then they don’t have any alerts set on that specific list.


Then click update to see the alerts for that specific user and you will see all of the alerts that user has set:


Here you can only delete the alert. Only the user that entered the alert can edit the alert.

* It is important to remember that if you add more than one person to an alert that you are actually creating multiple alerts – one under each person added. So, if you want to remove an alert you will have to remove it also under each person that was originally added or included under the alert.

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Jack in The Box, no gloves, gross employees and just plain disgusting crap!

jack in the box review

I used to like Jack-in-the-Box. They had great hamburgers at great prices. They also had a breakfast sandwich that I loved and you could get it with an orange juice and hash browns for around three dollars. But that all changed one day when I went through the drive through at my local Jack-in-the-Box in the University area.

Apparently no one making your sandwiches, burgers or other food there wears gloves. I might be okay with that as long as they washed their hands constantly and kept clean, but what I saw would’ve grossed out anyone. And it was all in a period of a couple of minutes of sitting at the drive through window – a couple of minutes that will be forever burned in my memory.

The person that took my money sneezed all over their hands and then proceeded to wipe them off in their shirt and pants. They didn’t go to wash their hands. Instead they went and got food ready and put sandwiches in the bag and so on. Then apparently working there might’ve made them itch or something or maybe they just needed to readjust themselves down there. Whatever the reason, they didn’t just do it like most people would on the outside of their pants.

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No, that would’ve been too easy and too neat for them. Right in front of me at the drive-through they just stuck their hand down their pants and proceeded to either scratch or play with themselves – because it went on for a little too long anyway. When they were done they got us our drinks and food. They never want to go wash their hands off or anything.

That is just plain gross and disgusting. I don’t have phobias about cleanliness, but that is just plain nasty. I wonder what the department of health would say about that? Employees not washing their hands, adjusting themselves or playing with themselves and then immediately handling food. I can tell you this much, I will never go back to that Jack-in-the-Box again or any Jack-in-the-Box for that matter as they do not use gloves and this could happen anywhere at any of their restaurants. And I heavily recommend against going there.

Slap Chop food chopper review – it hurts my hands to use it.

slap chop food chopper review

I saw the cool looking sales ads on TV about the Slap food chopper. It made it look effortless all sorts of foods from onions – which I hate cutting because they always made me teary-eyed and they make my nose run – to boiled eggs, vegetables, cheeses and more. It made the Slap Chop look like that great kitchen appliance that you never knew you needed.

So I bought one, but I didn’t buy it through the TV commercial for $20. I got mine for under $10 at Marshalls in their kitchen utensils area. Marshall’s tends to have a lot of cool products for the kitchen and home at prices of 50% or more off. So this is why I always look at Marshalls first rather than buying off the TV.

Anyway so I brought the slap chop home and my wife used it once and then complain that it hurt the palm of her hand and left it red and slightly swollen. I asked if she read the directions and if she had used it correctly. She said she had. So I went and gave it a try myself.

The Slap Chop food chopper works quickly, but my wife was right. It will give you sore hands and their other products that work far better than this. It’s a waste of time just go get yourself a little Cuisinart or other similar food processor and you will be far better off.

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The Slap Chop is nothing new, by the way. My mother had a product like this that she bought back in the 70s which was very similar the only difference was that it was made out of glass instead of plastic which is probably why her food chopper still works after all these years.

The folks at Slap Chop just took an old device and slapped a cool, unique name on it and placed it in a tacky infomercial. In my opinion the product sucks and isn’t worth $10. You should be able to buy one of these for about two dollars maybe three at max. It’s not worth a penny more than that in my opinion.

Instead of buying a Slap Chop food chopper, save your money and get yourself a good food processor. You’ll thank yourself that you did and besides a good food processor is not that expensive. Don’t waste your money on a Slap Chop. All you’ll get is red, sore hands.