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$1 Ozark Trail pocket knife at Walmart

Went to Walmart the other day (pre December 21, 2012 – the day all Doomsday preppers were actively prepping for). And no, I’m not a prepper. I just happened to be looking down the fishing and hunting isles amidst the preppers whom were buying up all the camping, hunting and survival aupplies and I saw this little knife that caught my eye. What really caught my eye was the fact that it had a $1 price tag on it.

Ozark Trail pocket knife

Whom sees or hears of a pocket knife for $1 nowadays? I don’t know of anywhere that you can get a deal like this. So you have to wonder – is it of good or decent quality or is it crap and just going to fall apart? Well, I figured for a dollar I couldn’t go wrong. So I bought it and figured I would do a review on it either way. The knife looked good and when I got it home and opened it up (I wasn’t about to try and open it up inside of Walmart) I found it was of decent quality.

dollar pocket knife 1

The blade is of good, solid steel construction and the handle is constructed of solid, hard plastic. The cutting or sharp section of the blade is at least 3 inches long and very sharp. The blade opens easily with one hand (thumb) operation and locks into the fully open position. To unlock the blade you just press on the steel holder on the back side and it easily releases. And the knife even comes with a belt holder – my $50 knife didn’t even come with that!

dollar pocket knife review

I must say the blade works very well and is quite sturdy – better then some $10 to $15 knives I have bought for fishing and hunting use. I have also use the knife for whittling wood – one of my favorite past times while I’m waiting for a fish to bite which can take hours and hours. Definitely not a bad buy for $1. If you want a good, cheap knife this Ozark Trail pocket knife from Walmart will definitely not steer you wrong.

And if you are looking for a good, cheap Christmas stocking stuffer for a hunting friend or Doomsday prepper this would definitely suffice.


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