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2011 Honda Civic Review – this car is an economical buy and a great deal

I love my 2011 Honda Civic

I have been in need for a new car for a while, but have kept putting it off for financial reasons. I recently got a new job that has a much higher pay, so I decided to splurge and buy myself a new car. My old car was a Honda and lasted forever so I wouldn’t buy anything else but a Honda.

I went to the Honda dealer to check out what the new 2011 cars were like. I looked through the lot with the car salesman and nothing really blew me away until we got to the 2011 Honda Civic. I told the dealer I wanted to try this car out and test drive it.

I pulled it out of the parking lot and hit the accelerator pretty hard. I wanted to see what kind of pep this car had in it. It was a little bit of a kick, and we zoomed forward into traffic. I didn’t need anything too overpowering, just something to get me around, so the accretion of the 2011 Honda Civic was more than enough for me.

Once we got out on the open road I paid close attention to how the car ran and handled. I noticed that the Honda Civic was a smooth ride, and handled turns very well. The brakes worked very smoothly too. I have driven a few Honda’s that have very sensitive brakes and can make you feel like you need to throw up if you stop short.

I decided that I wanted to buy it and had the salesman draw the paperwork up. I negotiated the price and did my best to get what I thought was a decent deal. I got it down to monthly payments of about $300. The salesman said he would draw up the paperwork and I would come back next week to sign everything and finalize the deal.

When I came back the next week I was presented the paperwork and started to read it over. As I read closer I saw the dealer had screwed up my paperwork and set my deal up as a lease instead of a purchase. I’m not sure if this place did this on purpose but I wouldn’t put it past them. Car dealerships try to rip people off and trick customers all the time.

Regardless I got everything straightened out, and I got my 2011 Honda Civic for a good price and I love it. I have had it for about a month and really love all of its features and drives great. I recommend this anyone looking at new car that is economical. I get a little over 30 MPG and really saves me a ton of money.

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