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202-239-7184 Who is calling me – its the UPS scam


Earlier today I got a phone call from this number, 202-239-7184.  It was a character with a thick Indian accent that told me they were calling from UPS.  This character called me at my work number and he asked specifically for me.  I asked him what he wanted and then he again asked if I was me.

I set I was and then he proceeded to tell me that I was to be congratulated because I won $1 million in the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes.  He was supposedly at my house with my check but he needed me to pay for taxes and shipping.  According to him the taxes were $10,000.  He needed me to go to my bank and wire him this amount so he leave the check for me.

This guy sounded so shady – it was obvious that this was a scam.  So I cut him off and told him that he should be spending his time and efforts in a real job or get an education and then get a real job and to stop ripping off and scamming people.  He kept trying to tell me that he was with UPS.  So I asked if even knew what UPS stood for – of course he didn’t know that.  That’s because he didn’t work there.

UPS does not deliver stuff to your house and sit there and tell you that you need to go to the bank and wire them $10,000 or any amount for a delivery.  Finally I had tell the guy I was going to call the police and give his number to them and expose his scam to them.  His response, he called me several choice curse words and then hung up on me.

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202-239-7184 is a definite scam 100%.  It is unbelievable the unethical things people will go to in the links still go to to try and make a dishonest buck nowadays.  Could you imagine what these guys could do if he actually did the right thing and instead of scamming people they sold real products whether it be over the phone or in person?

They could be real contributing members of our society, instead they would rather be vermin ripping people off until they finally get caught and go to jail.  All I can do is pray for him and the other scammers out there that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their savior and that they will turn their lives around and learn that true lasting happiness comes from helping people, not hurting them.

We cannot fall for these scams but at the same time we cannot ignore these people as these are the same people Jesus turned into his disciples like Matthew.  Matthew had spent his days as a dishonest tax collector ripping off all sorts of people.  Jesus didn’t cast him away or ignore him.  He told him to come follow him.  We need to do the same.

When you say a prayer tonight don’t just pray for your friends and family, also pray for those that may not have had the upbringing that you have been afforded.  Some of these people don’t know any better and it is up to us to show them the right way and leads them down the right path.

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