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2nd degree murder charge for Zimmerman continued

Angela Corey is clearly trying to frighten Zimmerman and their attorneys into accepting a plea to a lesser charge like manslaughter. I don’t agree with her and I also don’t agree with Zimmerman walking around with a gun to protect his neighborhood, but I have also seen neighborhoods where it would actually be good to have either a better police presence or a neighborhood watch that was armed like in this case.

I also currently live in a neighborhood where we have numerous roving groups of delinquent juveniles (almost all of which are black). These juveniles quickly get out of hand and gravitate from one crime to another and eventually end up being arrested for robberies, rape, assault, drug dealing, etc… One has to ask the question of where are or were the parents – if the parents paid more attention to their kids stuff like this would not happen.

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Now I know that Trayvon Martin’s family claims that he was up to nothing bad and simply was returning from visiting his father’s girlfriend and buying a few items at the local convenience store. If that is the entire truth then Zimmerman definitely did something wrong, but there is no proof that he did something wrong here. Zimmerman’s claim is that he did this out of self defense.

Now, a reasonable jury or judge would have to look at this and say or ask what did Trayvon Martin do to cause this scuffle that ended up in his being shot. This is what Al Sharpton and everyone else under his spell is not seeing here. I’m not saying Trayvon Martin was a bad kid, but what happened here that caused him to be shot? And he wasn’t shot by a hell bent homeowner or another criminal. He was shot by the neighborhood watch guy that was protecting people in his community. Was he casing houses? Was he looking to make a quick robbery to get money so he could buy drugs later?

Now unless someone can prove that this guy, Zimmerman, had a past history involving anger management issues, shooting people for no reason, etc… then there is basically no case here. What has happened is clearly grandstanding to temporarily placate the millions that have become riled up mostly due to people like Al Sharpton. You will find that these charges will be dropped before it ever gets anywhere due to the self-defense laws in Florida. If it somehow gets past that and goes to trial the case will eventually get either dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence or Zimmerman will be acquitted.

According to the police and numerous other sources there is clearly not enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime in this case (read this Trayvon Martin murder charge hard to prove). I know that this is hard on the parents and family of Trayvon Martin and I will say a prayer for them. But without sufficient evidence all that is going to happen here is this case will be dropped in one fashion or another.

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What is important here, regardless, is that a man died. Trayvon Martin should be remembered for all the good deeds and more that he did and we should all move on. We shouldn’t tarnish his name by trying to bring injustice to Zimmerman by trying him with 2nd degree murder and dragging him through the legal system in hopes of extracting a guilty plea when he may in fact have done nothing wrong. Now, if evidence were to surface in the future that ultimately proved Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood, then by all means he should be arrested, charged and convicted and given the maximum sentence possible.

With the evidence they have now, though, they do not have sufficiency to convict Zimmerman in a court and under U.S. laws. And to Al Sharpton, please crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. We blacks have come a long way and have gotten past all of the injustices, slavery, and more from the past. We don’t wish to relive it nor do we wish you to reverse the progress we have made. It seems every time you open your mouth the progress of Black Americans is hurt. Shut up and get a real job like the rest of us – if you don’t like it then please leave our country. We would be better off without you in America.

To Trayvon Martin, the world misses you. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and I know that you are in a better place. May you rest in peace. It is such a tragedy when someone so young has their life cut short. All we can hope for is that something good comes out of this…

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