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2nd degree murder charge for Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case is grandstanding and ridiculous!

2nd degree murder charge for Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case is grandstanding and ridiculous
I feel for the parents of Trayvon Martin, but serving injustice to get justice is not right.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the family of Trayvon Martin. I have had numerous deaths in my immediate family (more then one was due to murder) and I can certainly understand what they are going through – the loss of a loved one no matter the cause is something no one should have to go through.

But this is where I have to differ on this issue. I am a black man and my father was black and his father was and so on – we have ancestors that were slaves and were mistreated – even killed at the hands of their owners. That was a great injustice, but that is the past. I cannot hold today’s generation of white folk responsible for what happened over 100 years ago to my family.

I believe we are all created equal and should treat each other with fairness and equality. Obviously in the Trayvon Martin case one individual died at the hands of another with a gun. The man with the gun, Zimmerman, was on patrol doing his part to guard his neighborhood. Now I do not know nor does anyone else know what truly happened that day that led to Trayvon Martin’s death.

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I’m not going to call it a murder because until someone can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Zimmerman did commit the murder of Trayvon Martin it’s legally not murder in our courtrooms and under U.S. law. All we know right now is that there was some sort of a scuffle and this resulted in Trayvon Martin being shot.

What caused this scuffle? Was Trayvon Martin at fault or was Zimmerman? The police didn’t charge Zimmerman for 45 days because they knew they did not have enough credible evidence to implicate him with the murder of Trayvon Martin. They didn’t even have enough evidence to charge him with manslaughter or assault. But now, after a visit from Al Sharpton where he once again demands an arrest without justice being served (similar to what he did with the Bernhard Goetz and Tawana Brawley cases – remember them?)

Unless there is video footage that has not as of yet come forward as there were no witnesses to the scuffle or lack of a scuffle thereof if there were no scuffle and Zimmerman was at fault, we are woefully inadequate of enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of anything – least of all a second degree murder charge. The prosecutor clearly has been to the public outcry and raucous and cries of racism brought out by civil rights morons like Al Sharpton.

Wherever there is no racism you can count on Al Sharpton to bring it up as an issue and do some grandstanding. The second degree murder charge may have temporarily placated the masses, but the sad reality is that justice was not served either for Trayvon Martin or for Zimmerman as Zimmerman will be free with either the case being ended early by the judge due to insufficient evidence and grandstanding or he will be acquitted in trial. This, unfortunately, will probably end up being a case where justice may never be served.

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It is unfortunate that instances like this happen and continue to happen. Hopefully with the advent of low cost cameras and monitoring equipment future cases like this will have the incident caught on video and justice will be easily served in those cases. I had a friend, Brent Daniels, that I lost in 1994 in New York to a shotgun – he was shot in the face and his killer was never arrested. As a matter of fact, everyone in Broome County knew who did it and still knows who did it. They just didn’t have enough evidence to prove it and so charges were never brought on the culprit.

Injustice is terrible, but you can’t cure injustice with another injustice. You can’t go and charge someone like Zimmerman with a crime you cannot prove like second-degree murder else the prosecutor Angela Corey risks another Duke Lacrosse type outcome. She should consult Mike Nifong and his family to see if she should pursue or drop those grandstanding charges of second degree murder – her career may hang in the balance as did Mike Nifong’s.

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