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314-627-5556 – who is calling me 5 times a day?

I keep getting these annoying phone calls from this number 1(314)627-5556 each and every day lately. It started with them calling me once or twice a day, but then it quickly progressed to up to five calls per day and some of them within 10 or 15 minutes of the previous call.

On my caller ID it shows up as “Contact Center”. Normally with calls like this that are most likely from telemarketers I just don’t answer the phone and eventually they go away. This one is so annoying that I actually picked up the phone several times to tell them off and I found out that each time there is no one there and it just automatically hangs up on me.

What on earth could be the purpose of calling people to just hang up on them? This is harassment and if it continues I will report it to my state attorney general in Raleigh, NC. I cannot believe the gall of whatever company this is calling people like me repetitively numerous times each day just to hang up or disconnect on us – that is just rude and should be illegal.

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