4.3 inch Android phone I purchased on Ebay hardly works!

4.3 inch Android phone I purchased on Ebay hardly work

I bought a 4.3 inch Android phone on Ebay and got ripped off big time!

I had recently lost my smart phone because on a stressed-out day I left it on top of my car and drove off with it – needless to say the cell phone did not survive and I needed to buy a replacement. I looked on the Internet and I looked at Amazon.com and eBay.com. I ended up settling on a 4.3″ screen Android phone from China.

The phone I wanted was buy it now and was $117 with free shipping and handling. A similar cell phone with a big name brand like LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc… was priced around $500 and up. This Android phone seemed have everything I would need and more and it was priced at just over $100.

I ended up purchasing the smartphone from Ebay seller zhipeng2000 and it came in a little over 2 weeks – not a bad shipping time when the listing stated that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for me to receive the item. When I receive the item I plug it in and charged it. Once it was done charging I stuck my Sim card in it and tried it out. The touch screen seemed to work very well and everything was easy to find.

But once I started using it to make calls or texting I found it had a lot of significant errors or problems. every phone call sounded scratchy and with background noise. The text messages were annoying because when I tried to send a text many of the letters I would try and press were coming up wrong. The screen was too vague in its selection of what I was pressing. Basically if I pressed the letter asked I could get either the letter S or any of the five letters around it.

That made texting highly annoying and almost impossible. I contacted the seller zhipeng2000 with these problems and they told me that I was out of there warranty. That was ridiculous as I had just bought this phone from them and the listing that I bought it from said they had a good warranty on it and all I had to do was ship the item back to them and they would send me a replacement.

They didn’t want to honor their warranty sorry for the case to eBay. EBay quickly found for the seller zhipeng2000 and even removed my negative feedback that I left for the seller because they would not honor their own warranty. So this seller zhipeng2000 still has perfect feedback and totally screwed me over with a smart phone that barely works and is extremely frustrating to use – how is that fair or even legal?

I ended up buying a cell phone instead (an HTC Desire) from Amazon.com. I got a cell phone that does everything I need and works great for $179. It cost a little more than the crap phone I bought on Ebay from that scam seller zhipeng2000, but I now have a cell phone that works beautifully for me. I’m still a little sore that I got screwed out of $117 at Ebay for a bad Android smartphone.

I don’t think I will be going back to eBay to buy anything ever again! I got ripped off by the seller, eBay stood behind the seller whom ripped me off and I just don’t see the how or why with that. They lost my business and I have also told us to all of my friends and am now telling it to the world through one of my favorite websites – ScreamingReviews.com! Don’t buy from Ebay or you will get ripped off like happened to me.

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