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6 Simple SEO strategies you can do to increase ranking on Google and beat the Google Panda update!

Simple SEO strategies you can do to increase ranking on Google
If you are wondering how to get your lost rankings back after the Google Panda update or just want to rank higher then you NEED to read this!

So, what happened to SEO after the Google Panda update which literally destroyed and nullified huge content websites like and other similar ezines which were chock full of poor quality, poorly written and massively duplicated content? Surprisingly much of it has stayed the same.

Either websites have learned to do what they should have been doing in the beginning or they have gone back to their old ways and are content with their extremely low rankings. I for one would not be happy if I lost 80% of my traffic like Ezinearticles did. So how can one do SEO to rank higher on Google and also stay in Google’s good graces?

1) Website design

First of all start with your website design. Is your design easy to follow and does it provide good flow through to other pages? This may sound simple but you need to use good analytics and possibly some research to find out the real answers here. just because your website looks good to you does not mean the same with your customers or readers.

You have to look at it from a multicultural perspective. Unless your only focusing on a certain region of customers or readers you have to look at the international perspective of your website. To start with you should get some good analytics to find out what page is in search terms people use most frequently in accessing your website. This can tell you an awful lot about what works and what is not working at all.

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2) Simplicity is key

More important than the actual design of your website is its simplicity of use. If you present a customer with more than three things or products at once research has shown that they need time to evaluate and they will do more research before they buy. This means that they will leave your website and the odds are less than 20% of them will come back to purchase.

So you need to design your website so that you have a minimal number of products that you offer to your customers per page. Yes, in some businesses this is not possible because you might be a distributor and have tons of products that you offer. But, you can get the idea here – minimize the number of products be sure your customer per page – don’t overload them.

3) Use of images and video

Use pictures and videos where appropriate. Don’t host videos yourself as it will take too much bandwidth and slow down your website. Instead host them on a video hosting platform like YouTube. This is easy to do and also can add a great social aspect to your videos and even your pictures also.

Do you remember the old saying? “A picture is worth 1000 words.” Well, it really is. Add some pictures to your website that are related to the content and see what happens. Google search also has an images search that can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Be sure and fill in the alt and description tags. this way when a user on Google searches for an image related to your picture you will show up at the top of the list.

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