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6 Simple SEO strategies you can do to rank higher on Google page 3

Stick to unique and interesting content that is focused to your customers. For instance if you have a website where you want to sell horse saddles and horse riding videos then you need to write content that is related to these items. Don’t include something about credit repair or health insurance just because they have highly searched for and competitive keywords. You must stick to your genre.

By adding fresh content several times a week you will give a great boost to your search engine rankings. You will also bring in traffic from the search engines on a more regular basis each and everyday. The more fresh and unique content you post to your website the more traffic you will get. It’s that simple. Once you start doing this it then becomes a numbers game. The more content that you have the more traffic you will get and the more sales or conversions will result.

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When writing fresh content for your website you must understand after the Google Panda update they reduced rankings of websites with content that was small or immaterial. What that means is you need to have a minimum of 500 words per page for your content. Depending on the size of your paragraph that anywhere between five and eight paragraphs that you will need. If you’re not sure there are many free content counting websites out there where you can just copy and paste the content from your page and place it in a text box and hit enter and it will tell you the number of words you have in your content.

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You also want to have multiple pages where possible. That means that if you have over 800 words of content or eight paragraphs that you need to put the rest in a second or third post or page. Then you just interlink these pages together using simple HTML. This will increase the per page readability of your readers. This is also a way to greatly increase your rankings on Google and other websites. When readers or customers peruse more than one page on your website that will only help to benefit you and your website. Basically that’s a statement saying you have a lot of valuable content and they are not just coming to your site to see one page and leave.

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Also make sure that your blog is of the same domain as your main website. So if your website were then you would want your blog to be something similar to This is easy to do and if you use a helpful hosting servicelike they will even walk you through it over the phone of how to set this up. By having your blog interlinked in this manner this will also greatly increase your rankings on the various search engines and especially Google.


If you stick to these steps you will rank much better and drive better quality traffic to your website. You will longer have to worry much about search engine updates like Farmer, Panda and others. Do not post low quality content and do not link to low quality websites. Be helpful and offer helpful advice to your readers. If you can do all this and not be seen as being spammy then you will do very well.

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