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704-790-6215 who is calling me? Its a scammer!

Got several phone calls from this number yesterday, the day before yesterday and today. They wouldn’t leave messages on any of their calls and it was starting to get annoying when every time my phone rang I saw this number (704)790-6215 in the caller ID on my phone. Seriously, it was like every stinking time the phone rang and the caller ID lit up I saw that same number. Finally I decided I’d had enough and so I answered the phones to see who it was.

It turned out it was some enthusiastic nut job scammer calling to raise money for the fire department. I asked him which one and he said “my local fire department.” And he was rather mean with his reply. Hmmm, my address is on the boundary between Charlotte and Harrisburg North Carolina. So, we have four fire departments right near here. So I asked him which one it was and he said it was the one closest to me and he said my questions were ridiculous and that I shouldn’t be wasting his time as he is trying to do good things for the fire department.

phone scam

Funny thing is I just saw a TV news episode that these scammers are calling people pretending to be with or working for the fire department when in fact they have actually nothing to do with the fire departments and it all goes in their pockets. the local news episode featured high ranking member’s of many local area fire departments and all collectively stated the same thing – they do NOT collect in this manner and are not raising funds like this right now and if anyone calls you like this call it is a 100% scam!

I told the caller about this TV news episode and how it specifically said they were a scam. They got mad and then tried to use reverse psychology on me by stating that I was a bad person and didn’t want to help out my local fire department and that they were going to make sure they notified the local fire department that I refused to contribute and help them out. And that this would definitely have an adverse effect on response rates or if the fire department would even bother to show up if I ever had a fire or need for them.

He then ended the call by saying, “I hope you never have a need for the fire department because they aren’t going to want to help you out…” And then he hung up on me. Wow, that was definitely a scammer trying all sorts of deceptive tactics to get me to donate to them and its obvious that the money would never have gone to any of my local fire departments. And it is so sad that scammers have to resort to such low tactics today.

It also makes me wonder what they do with your personal information if you would have donated to them. I bet you also become a victim of identity theft as they either sell off your information (credit card number, etc.) or they use it to make other purchases. In either case if you get a phone call from 704-790-6215 you can be 100% sure of one thing that it is a scam! Do not answer their telemarketing calls and report them to your local police.

Instead of wasting your money on scams like this and possibly becoming a victim of identity theft, if you wish to help out your local fire department, go there in person and help them out. Write them a check and a card for Christmas and hand deliver it. Offer to volunteer or donate some time. This is how to help them and they will be thankful for your help, but if you cannot afford to help them out they will never delay their response times because you don’t donate to them – they would never do that!

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