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800-830-8574 – who is calling me from this phone number and is it a scam?

(800)830-8574 who is calling from this number
I got a call from (800)830-8574 and thought it was a scam, but it turned out it wasn't.

I recently had a message left by a computer or machine on my answering machine at home. The message said that the call was important and was from PayPal and they were trying to verify my account and to call them back at this phone number (800)830-8574. It sounded like it was a scam.

I mean, what credit card company or debit card company calls you to verify your account and tells you to call back at an 800 number? I had never heard of this happening before. But I searched around the web a little bit and found out that some people think this is a scam, but others say it is a company that various credit card companies use to verify certain transactions of their users to help rule out credit card fraud.

Being that there was a chance that this could be legit and that if it were to turn out to be a scam all I had to do was hang up the phone, so there was little risk for me in calling the phone number (800)830-8574 to see what was going on. As I said if the call went bad and it did turn out to be a scam all I had to do was hang up and block the number.

So I called the number and it was all automated. It turned out it was some other company that was calling on behalf of PayPal and all it wanted was the last four digits of my credit card number and for me to verify my home address and phone number. Once that occurred the computer read back to me four my most recent transactions and asked me if those were transactions that I approved or not.

After I verified that the four transactions were good it then said thank you and that it was ending the call. That was it. They didn’t try and get my social security number, full credit card number, etc… it was simply a company calling on behalf of PayPal to verify a few transactions. PayPal and other credit card companies do use separate, secure companies to do these calls for them.

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There was definitely no fraud involved in this and I actually appreciated them doing this. This doesn’t cost me as a credit card consumer anything and it gives me more peace of mind to know that there’s someone out there helping to watch my account and other consumers accounts for identity theft and credit card fraud.

So, if you get a call from the phone number (800)830-8574 it is definitely not a scam and it is probably either PayPal or another bank or credit card company verifying some transactions on your account to make sure you did those purchases and that there was no fraud involved.

2 thoughts on “800-830-8574 – who is calling me from this phone number and is it a scam?

  1. Ignore this number at your own financial peril. It is a security verification service used by a number of US banks and credit providers, as well as PayPal. If your account shows activity that is unusual for you, they will call and verify the last four or five transactions with you – this includes charges that were declined.

    I was contacted about my PayPal debit card. One charge they wanted to verify was legit. Then there were SIX fraudulent ones, including two that had been declined, totaling more than $1300. Because of this service, I was alerted to the fact that someone got my debit card number, and was trying to use it in LONDON. I live in Ohio!

    If you use a credit card or debit card AT ALL, you’d be a fool to ignore these calls. Had I been such a fool, I’d have a huge mess on my hands and be scrambling to recover a lot of money. Since I responded to the call, I’m not being held responsible for the fraudulent transactions, the card has been closed, and a new one is being issued. We stopped someone’s attempted spending spree within mere hours of their attempts to start it.

  2. This number is legit for all concern. Just recently I received a call from this number and ignored it. However not to long after my wife called and told me to check my bank account because she tried to cash a check at the grocery and was denied for lack of funds. I immediately logged online to check back account. There was this check card charge pending for a surefire llc. I googled the name and found a website that offers gun accessories to police and military folks. Out of curiosity I Google this number and found the comments here with relations to PNC Bank; that happens to be my bank. So I dialed the number and behold my account had been froze due to someone had stole my bank card number and attempted not only to charge at SUREFIRE.COM but $300.00 at Outfitters and $1990.00 to some phony insurance company in the UK. Sounds like terrorist activity to me; guns and camping equipment. The last place I used my bank card was at a Sunoco Station in Fairfax, Virginia. I went directly to my bank and sure enough my account was froze due to this activity. All should Google “CREDIT CARD SKIMMERS” for more info. I am now waiting for a new bank card.

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