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971-220-1032 who is calling me from this phone number?

I keep getting these calls at all hours of the day from this one phone number lately – 1(971)220-1032. For the longest time I just refused to answer the phone because it seemed like a telemarketing phone call – I hate telemarketers. Besides, isn’t the Do Not Call Phone Registry supposed to stop these calls? Anyways, the last time they called today it displayed more then just anonymous – it said Financial CTR on my caller ID.

That made it sound like it could be a collection agency or something like that and that made me wonder what this was about because I didn’t owe anyone any money. And if a collection agency is contacting you and you don’t all any money that could be a good indication that you might be on the receiving end of some identity theft or similar fraud. I waited for the next time for their number to call and I didn’t have to wait long because it was only about 35 minutes later before they called again from (971)220-1032.

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I hate harassing phone calls especially from scams like this one!

The individual that answered the phone didn’t give me his name and basically was really trying to hard sell me on reducing my credit card rate. I told him I did not carry a balance on any credit card so it wouldn’t matter what the rate was. He said that he could save me big money and even get me awarded some cash for utilizing their new system for saving consumers money. I asked him what company he was calling for? Obviously if he was calling from any of the banks that I have a credit card with they would have this information.

His reply? He was with my bank. I asked him what bank was that. He wouldn’t answer that and instead went back into his sales talk. He also got more rude as time went on. He then stated that I needed to give him my credit card number so you can verify that I was the correct person he needed to talk to. I told him I was not going to give him that information because if he was with the bank he would not need to ask me that. The bank that I currently have a credit card with would have all my information on their computers.

This really sounded like a scam to me. When I told the guy of my concerns and that I thought he and his business were a scam he told me that if I didn’t give him my credit card number and information he needed that he was either going to increase my credit card rate to the state allowed maximum of 30% and/or close out my account. I told him to go ahead and do that and that I was reporting him and his phone call to the police and to remove my number from their list. He then laughed and said, “good luck ass fuck.” Wow – what a nice guy. And yes, he really did say that to me.

I can’t believe that today after all the years in the past of telemarketing abuse and things like that this still goes on. How can these scammers keep doing this. How can the government allow scammers like this to call and call and call and curse, threaten, lie, etc…? so let there be no question about it – any call from (971)220-1032 is a complete scam. Oh, and by the way, I did report them to my local police department (whom said there was nothing I could do outside of suing them – good luck with that as I cannot find their address or contact information.

Upon looking this phone number up on the Internet I found out that I am not the only one and that their hundreds of others that are being harassed specifically by the company and male voice behind this phone number. I also took the liberty of reporting this phone number to the Better Business Bureau, my state attorney general and to the FTC. Hopefully that will put a stop to these scam clowns. To this day, however, they do still keep calling me. I can look at my caller ID and there are numerous entries in there for these clowns.

If anyone has contact information and a real business address for these perps I would appreciate it and so would law enforcement so we can get them arrested and shut down. Oh, and by the way, I did call him back at their number to try and get some contact information from them and all I got after waiting several minutes was a message that stated to dial one to get removed from their telemarketing list. So I did and guess what? They are still calling me… 🙁

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