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A1 Towing & Recovery Charlotte NC review – low cost, reliable service – I definitely recommend them!

A1 Towing & Recovery Charlotte NC review
My car blew its timing belt and died. I needed a tow and A1 Towing service and their driver Ken were great! I highly recommend them!

The timing belt on my car broke the other day and so I needed to have my car towed. a longtime ago I had called Hunter Towing here in Charlotte and they were rude and over priced – $85 for a 10 mile tow. I had always seen these A1 towing trucks throughout Charlotte and so I decided to give them a call.

A1 Towing & Recovery
3313 Brookshire Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28216

The guy that I talked to was very nice and polite. He also told me the tow was $55. A much better deal then Hunter towing. I told him to have his driver meet me at the gas station by UNCC (the Circle K by the parking decks). He came in a flat bed and right on time and then he followed me to my car.

The driver’s name was Ken and he was great. He took the time to get the hook out of my trunk (Volvo’s have a special hook that has to be inserted into the front bumper for towing – if this is not inserted the suspension can be broken easily). He was very careful with the car and took the time to load the car up correctly.

I then had him take it to a friend of mine’s house whom is a mechanic and lives off Harris Blvd. I followed him over there in my truck and he placed it gently in my friend’s driveway. I was worried that he was going to try and increase the price on me as many to truck drivers do (like at Hunter Towing).

He did not. The price was exactly what I was quoted over the phone. $55. That was it. If you are in Charlotte and you find yourself needing a tow, then you definitely need to give the guys over at A1 towing a call and be sure and ask for Ken – he is great. Now, if only the Volvo were easy and cheap to fix – that would be asking for too much!

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  1. Thanks – I was looking for a tow company. My brother drove home drunk last night and got his truck stuck in a ditch right down the road.

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