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Aaron Roofing damaged roof replacement in Charlotte NC review – Jarvis Arrington is the man to get your roof fixed!

Aaron Roofing damaged roof replacement in Charlotte NC review
I had a roof that was leaking badly and a friend of mine recommended Aaron Roofing in Charlotte, NC - they were great and did exceptional work!

I have a house here in Charlotte North Carolina that I rent out off of Mallard Creek Church Rd.  One of the tenants call me up and told me that there was some wet spots on the ceiling that were starting to drip and get the floor wet.  So I went out with my handyman to take a look at it and it turned out that the roof had some leaks.

The leaks in the roof were causing water to come in and accumulate in the attic and then come through the ceiling below.  This was causing ugly spots on the ceiling and small wet spots on the rugs.  it became obvious and apparent that we had to have the roof fixed.  A friend of mine told me of this company called Aaron Roofing (8116 South Tryon St. Suite B-3 #177 Charlotte, NC (704)208-4852) and told me to give them a call as he said he used them for his house and they were great.

So I gave Aaron Roofing a call and I spoke to a Jarvis Arrington.  He told me that they specialize in fixing problems like the one I was having with my rental.  He said they fix all sorts of roof related problems from storm damage to complete replacements and more.  my friend gave them a great recommendation and so I had Jarvis come over and take a look at the roof.

He said he could have it fixed in two days time and it would not leak again.  they also guaranteed their work.  The price he quoted me to fix the roof was actually less than I thought it was going to be – that was a very pleasant surprise.  so I told him to go ahead and fix the roof.  And he was right within two days they did fix the roof and it didn’t leak again after that.

He also hooked me up with a friend of his that owns a painting company to fix the ceiling stains and replace any rotten wood or boards and wet insulation.  I must say, Aaron Roofing was great.  They did a great job and the price was very good (lower than I thought it would be).  I also have to recommend Jarvis Arrington – he was probably one of the nicest people I have ever had to work with.

If you have a roof related problem like I did then you would be a fool not to give Aaron Roofing and Jarvis a call at (704)208-4852.

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