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Abercrombie Complaint – Their employees were rude and arrogant

I had horrible service at Abercrombie


I was recently doing some holiday shopping at the mall and was looking to get a new clothes for my brother. I saw the Abercrombie store in the mall and decided to head inside. The music was obnoxiously loud as I was coming to the entrance.

There was a greeter at the door who was in his early 20’s. I got a nasty look as if he was saying “what are you doing in here,” and he reluctantly said hello. I was polite and smiled back, said hello. I then proceeded into the store. I was immediately met with a wall of colognes and perfumes in the air. The smell was okay, but was a bit strong. If I had asthma I can imagine it would be difficult to breathe in there.

I walked around the store looking at different shirts they had but could barely hear myself think. The music was so overpowering. It was as if I was in a dance club. I didn’t like it. I had a question, so I tried to grab the attention of one of the employees to help me.

I waved my hand at somebody walking in my direction as to signal I needed assistance. The girl walking towards me appeared to look straight at me then turn away into another room. She wasn’t carrying anything, or moving something. I was just blatantly ignored.




After being ignored by the girl I spotted a guy working in the next room. He was folding clothes, but I’m sure he could take a break from folding to answer a quick question. I approached him and literally had to yell to grab his attention. Caught off guard he looked over to see me standing there and had a look of disgust. He answered my question, but was clearly unhappy I interrupted his folding. I don’t understand why he was so upset, it’s his job.

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I found a shirt I wanted to found and went up to the register to pay for it. There was no line, and i found two girls behind the counter gossiping. I approached the register and they just flat out ignored me being there. I waited for a good minute or two, until I had to speak up and basically demand they ring me out. They looked very annoyed, and they rung me out.

I hope my brother likes this shirt I got him because I had to deal with these awful employees to get it. Not to mention it was very expensive. I won’t be in a hurry to go back there again. Their customer service was atrocious.

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