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ADT Security home security system review – I stopped their service and so they started harrassing me.

ADT Security home security system review and complaint
I stopped using ADT secuity and guess what? They have been harrassing me around the clock in ways you won't believe!

I had used ADT home security systems for several years because it initially came with the house that I bought. Due to the recession I lost my job and with my wife’s limited income we had to cut back on some things. I did not break the contract with ADT. I paid on it until it was over and then I refused to renew on the contract.

That was one the harassment started. I got daily phone calls from all sorts of 800 numbers and such trying to get me to go back to ADT. Then to make matters worse they start sending signals to my home alarm system which would make the alarm go off at all hours of the night.

This behavior should be highly illegal and he was extremely annoying because it woke us all up and the baby. I have a six-month-old baby that is very hard to get to go to sleep and the alarm from ADT obviously wakes him up and it takes hours to get him back down to sleep again.

I have told ADT numerous times that I’m not interested in their service right now. I’ve told them I cannot afford it because I have lost my job. I am home all day long because I lost my job so why would I need a security system anyways? The usual responses from ADT’s customer service reps that are calling me is that everyone needs a home security system regardless of the situation.

They have all kinds of lies they tell you like thieves spraying WD-40 and paint from paint cans on dogs and people at the front door – I have never heard of this and can’t find it anywhere on the Internet that it’s ever occurred. Besides if some idiot were to break into my house I have a Glock and his life would soon be over.

In my state, once someone breaks into your house and they are completely inside the house you can shoot them and its self-defense 100%. If I’m there and someone still do try and break into the house what good is the ADT alarm going to do for me? I weigh over 300 pounds and I have two huge dogs along with the Glock. I don’t think anyone in their right or left mine is going to try and break into my house anyway.

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In any case I have contacted ADT’s corporate headquarters even to try and get this harassment to stop – especially the illegal use or misuse of my alarm system to send random alarms in the middle of the night to harrass us. ADT is a company that I would have to tell you that I would stay far away from.

This is unfair and illegal business practices and some government agency needs to look into this.

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3 thoughts on “ADT Security home security system review – I stopped their service and so they started harrassing me.

  1. ADT security systems is a complete scam. They tried to screw me over. I ended up taking them to court and won. The judge even yelled at ADT’s attorney and told him that he didn’t want to see that lying sack of crap or ADT ever again in his court room!

  2. ADT security sucks. After I quit they just kept on billing me and even tried to ruin my credit. The contract was up and I went with CDI instead. Yet, without a signed contract or any agreement ADT security just kept on billing me. I had to take them to court and the judge yelled at them and even made them pay my attorneys fees. Take them to court – they will lose and pay big time. ADT is a scam.

  3. Im not sure what you people are talking about. I have been with ADT for quite a while and have not had a complaint. Maybe the sales staff just talked a little too quickly for you and you didnt understand the terms of the contract. they are a big company and do make mistakes but with mine they have resolved them quite quickly

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