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ADT security telemarketers complaint – they are harrassing me!

ADT security telemarketing review and harassing phone calls
The dimwits at ADT security keep calling me and harassing me each and every day!

I thought there were laws against abusive telemarketing practices, but apparently the fine folks at ADT Security don’t seem to think that those laws apply to them. They call me at least once a day every day and have been doing that for probably a year now. All in the name of trying to get me to sign up for their securities systems.

I don’t need ADT security. It is worthless to me. I have three dogs and one of them is part wolf. I don’t think any person in their right or left mine is going to try and break into my house. If the other two don’t get him, the wolf will. Just taking my dog for a walk through the neighborhood scares the crap out of everyone – it’s hilarious.

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To understand what I mean you have to have a half wolf and half husky or similar wolf hybrid. Wolves are bigger, smarter and much faster than any dog breed. They are the best pets in the world bar none and he best guard dogs money can buy. So if you add to the fact that I am always home – I work out of a home – why would I need an ADT security system?

When I try to explain that to the telemarketers from ADT their responses that burglars carry engine cleaning spray cans which when sprayed on a dog’s nose supposedly kills the dog quickly or something like that. I have never heard of that nor have I ever seen that on the local news here or nationwide news.

I went and asked my local police officers, two of which I see quite often about this claim. They said that it’s complete hogwash and that they have never themselves heard of burglars carrying engine cleaner or other similar spray cans to ward off dogs with. He said the burglars avoid houses with dogs altogether.

So again, I tell this to the ADT telemarketers and tell them to take me off their calling lists and to stop calling here and guess what happens? They call back the next day. Sometimes even call back that same day. Boy, they are really hot on my case to get my business but it’s just not going to happen.

To me ADT’s security service would be absolute worthless. And then when I read up on the Internet about all the horror stories with ADT security service – I know that I definitely don’t have anything to do with ADT in any way shape or form. Now if only they could stop calling me and harassing me that would be great.

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34 thoughts on “ADT security telemarketers complaint – they are harrassing me!

  1. First of all, why in the world would a multi-million dollar company call you EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year? Really? They called you every single day, 365 days straight? Stupid.

    Second, no one cares what kind of dog you have. No matter what kind of dog it is, I’m pretty sure a bullet can stop them. Even your big oh so scary wolf hybrid.

    Third, the fact that you think it’s hilarious that your neighbors are scared to death of your stupid dog shows how inconsiderate you are and if I were your neighbor, I’d shoot your dog because I would think it’s SO hilarious.

    Sounds to me that you are either (A) a bitter lonely person that does in fact stay in your home every single day because you have no real reason to come out into the real world, or (B) you are a competitor of ADT Security and you are trying to bash them. I’m going to go with (C) All of the above.

    Also, if a burglar wanted to rob homes, I’m sure the last thing they would be carrying is engine spray. It would’ve sounded better if you said GUN or even KNIFE, but then your stupid story about your wolf hybrid wouldn’t be that dramatic, now would it?

    1. Actually, they have been calling our house several times a day for a few weeks now, too. I came on here trying to see what others are doing about the calls. We don’t have money, and you’d think they wouldn’t bother with us, but as unbelievable as it seems, they are harrassing us as well.

    2. They have been calling my elderly Mom 3 to 4 times a day harassing her. I even talked with a supervisor last week. Ironically she already has their service and they won’t quit calling her. We are about ready to cancel except my Mom paid about 2 grand for all the stuff they have put in for her. Really a problem. I am going to report them to the Attorney Generals ofc.

    3. Yes they do call EVERYDAY
      I asked to be put on the no call list
      yet I am Still getting calls just so you know, since 8am I have gotten calls from 1-925-854-6800, 1-202-666-2294 x3, 1-813-444-5680 x7, 1-646-224-3074 and 1-606-431-3022 x2… all within 6 hours and all adt trying to sell me a security system.

    4. Yeah they do call and harass you STUPID dim wit. who are you? & how dare you for the sake of wanting to HARASS! harass & defend this MULTI-MILLION dollar company. Pretty sure some of that money is going into your pocket. wish that one of those stray bullets you were oh so wanting to describe would wipe your ignorant ass right off this planet. I was HARASSED and forced to file an order due to the unexplained over 15 calls a day. It happens & has nothing to do with the owners or bank role you idiot . who is the dumb one now? The simple fact of automated system to increase their network no matter the affect on their clients is most likely to Blame. So burn in hell you scumbag.For attempting to personify what this poor man is going through

  2. ADT has called me also almost every day for 2 weeks even after repeatedly advising them not to call. I took it up with a supervisor and instructed him to remove me from their list. He assured me he would but the calls kept coming. It got better for about a week and the calls started again today. I informed them that if the calls continue I will report them to the better business bureau for harassment. Yes, my number is on the national do not call registry. Looks like ADT thinks they are above certain rules.

  3. Hey what happens when some one smart like me puts poison on a nice rare steak and kill your dogs then you woulda wished you protected your pets with ADT every time you look at them think about one being dead or mortally wounded from a break in

    1. Those idiots keep calling me trying to sell me their overpriced lousy services. I own firearms, and they have a much faster response time than ADT. And bullets are cheaper too.

    2. Those idiots keep calling me trying to sell me their overpriced lousy services. I would never do business with them and I know of better providers that charge much less. I own firearms, and they have a much faster response time than ADT. And bullets are cheaper too. An indoor fire supression system works faster than an alarm too.


  5. I’m experiencing the same problem. Sometimes I get 4 calls in one day. Lately they have been coming at 8:30. Last call I told them they woke up my baby and I was cursed at. The man said that there is no central “list” bc they all work out of differerent offices which is weird/funny because it is all from the same number. Next time I’ll demand to speak to a supervisor.

  6. lol get a Dingo, better than a wolf/Huskey..jk
    If you guys have issues with a TM company, be nice, get the company info for me, and i promise to harass them right back for you! While there is a homeowner DNC, there is not one for businesses!

  7. I have received at least 10-12 calls from these jerks in the last 2 days after repeated instructions to not call again. Don’t they understand this is not good for business?. If I ever want a security system it won’t be them.

  8. I just got a new phone line installed and ADT is calling four to five times a day from three different phone numbers. They hang up on me when I say I’m not interested AND not a home owner. Here are their three numbers: 877-607-4238; 240-200-5952 (this one says it is something else, but if you call it and hang up, ADT calls back within 5 minutes); and 800-296-0885. I called each of these numbers back, stated I was divorced, not interested, and not a home owner, and also sick of being hung up on and called again. I asked to have my number removed from the list. I got told “yes,” but felt like it was lip service– sure enough, I keep getting called. I also am on DNC list.

  9. I understand telemarketing can be annoying. The thing is security systems protect your home from more than just burglaries. Alarms offer fire, and medical protection as well. If your home were to catch fire, usually electrical is the cause, would your dogs be able to protect your home from the fire? An alarm system can dispatch the fire department to your home and notify you that there is a fire.

  10. I have just moved into a new home and ADT calls several times a day, it tell them I am not interested but they keep talking till I have to hang up on them! I try to be patient with them but one guy after harrassing to take their service told me that I must be depressed or something and that most people would love to have the deal they were offering ,I just hope that something is done to stop all their harassing maybe if enough people complain.

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