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34 thoughts on “ADT security telemarketers complaint – they are harrassing me!

  1. We get ADT calls all the time — not every day mind you, but several a week every week. The worst part is that you tell them to add you to their do-not-call list, which they say they do, but you keep getting calls, forever.

  2. Yep, they called 2~3 times a day for the last 2 weeks. The ADT telemarketers call from this Washington phone number# 1-425-201-5375. I asked and requested to add my number to their do-not-call list, which they say they did, but I am still getting calls.. 🙁

  3. I live in Atanta, GA and they kept calling my two home numbers. I finally called them today and they proclaim they took me off the list. I told them if they call anymore it is harassment and they be sued.

  4. They don’t call me, but they continue to show up at my doorstep. It seems to take me telling them I am calling the police, with my cell phone in my hand, if they don’t leave, for them to leave and me slamming the door on them. They stop by my house at least once a week. They are about to meet my dog next time…..

  5. I, too, get 4-6 phone calls from ADT bozos every day for the past 3 weeks! Doesn’t even matter if it is Sunday. They call from 3 different southern states: Alabama (Athens), Georgia (Harlem), and South Carolina. I keep blocking the numbers, but they just use another number. Yes, they will add you to the ‘do not call list’, but only from the number from which they are calling.


  6. I agree..I have been receiving the same calls and I keep asking for them to stop and they don’t, I think I’m going to start asking them random questions like a crazy person and see if that helps!! As for the other smart people on here wait until you start receiving the calls and see if you don’t change your mind, you have to be put in the situation before you can start making fun of other for it!!! Stupid people..think there better than everybody else!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I recently moved into a new home and had a landline installed. Calls from ADT – 5 to 6 a day – began almost immediately. I told them to take my name off their call lists and eventually blocked the two numbers that continued to call, at least twice a day (if you answer, there is no one there). I have filed a complaint with my state’s AG office. Why would anyone want to do business with such disrespectful people?

  8. They are animals. So much for security. Can you just imagine what or who they are selling your sensitive information to? I don’t have ADT and would never want to use them but now they are not only “visiting” my home at night but are cyber stalking me also because I complained! They are terrorists!

  9. I don’t even own a home. I have blocked their number each time and they just end up calling using a different number. This cannot be within the law. I’m going to get a restraining order.

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