ADT security telemarketers complaint – they are harrassing me!

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  • CocalicoKate says:

    For some reason when I paid the bill last month it didn’t go through my card. Last Friday I got a voicemail from ADT then this morning (Monday) my system starting blaring at 5:50AM “FIRE!!!” And woke up everyone in the house!! I have my 91 year old mother in the house who has a bad heart and she was scarred stiff!!!

    It then happened again 30 minutes later!!! I DON’T have a Fire System connected with my package through ADT

    After the second time it happened I got on line with both ADT and then with my CC to see if they had been paid and when I saw last month the CC didn’t go through I paid with a different CC. Needless to say my ADT panel STOPPED BLARING “FIRE!!!”

    Is this a new way ADT is harassing its customers?? If i find out it is not only will I cancel their service but I will file a complaint with the ATORNEY GENERAL IN MY STATE! HOW DARE THEY !!

  • Assholes says:

    ADT reps want that nice car, nice house and hot trophy wife so bad, but they just. Can’t. Get it. Learn a real skill, losers. Blind harassment is not the same as skillful sales. If you were skillful, none of us would have any complaints. And you wouldn’t be living in a one-room studio with an ex wife and kid who at 5 already knows what a loser you are. Hahahahaha! Suck it!

  • Zack says:

    ADT is harasing me as well. I am getting multiple calls a day! Today, Jun 24, I told one ADT rep that I want the calls to stop, he suggested that I install their systems to make the calls stop! I asked to talk to his manager and asked the manager to stop the calls and reprimand the rep. Few minutes, later I get another sales call from ADT, which I hang up on, an hour passes and I get another call still. This stuff has to be illegal, if not it should become illegal.

  • Laura says:

    My husband and I recently bought our first house, and ADT has been calling as often as ten times a day! They sent their door-to-door salesman today, and we told him we weren’t interested. We’re getting sick of them harassing us!

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