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34 thoughts on “ADT security telemarketers complaint – they are harrassing me!

  1. For some reason when I paid the bill last month it didn’t go through my card. Last Friday I got a voicemail from ADT then this morning (Monday) my system starting blaring at 5:50AM “FIRE!!!” And woke up everyone in the house!! I have my 91 year old mother in the house who has a bad heart and she was scarred stiff!!!

    It then happened again 30 minutes later!!! I DON’T have a Fire System connected with my package through ADT

    After the second time it happened I got on line with both ADT and then with my CC to see if they had been paid and when I saw last month the CC didn’t go through I paid with a different CC. Needless to say my ADT panel STOPPED BLARING “FIRE!!!”

    Is this a new way ADT is harassing its customers?? If i find out it is not only will I cancel their service but I will file a complaint with the ATORNEY GENERAL IN MY STATE! HOW DARE THEY !!

  2. ADT reps want that nice car, nice house and hot trophy wife so bad, but they just. Can’t. Get it. Learn a real skill, losers. Blind harassment is not the same as skillful sales. If you were skillful, none of us would have any complaints. And you wouldn’t be living in a one-room studio with an ex wife and kid who at 5 already knows what a loser you are. Hahahahaha! Suck it!

  3. ADT is harasing me as well. I am getting multiple calls a day! Today, Jun 24, I told one ADT rep that I want the calls to stop, he suggested that I install their systems to make the calls stop! I asked to talk to his manager and asked the manager to stop the calls and reprimand the rep. Few minutes, later I get another sales call from ADT, which I hang up on, an hour passes and I get another call still. This stuff has to be illegal, if not it should become illegal.

  4. My husband and I recently bought our first house, and ADT has been calling as often as ten times a day! They sent their door-to-door salesman today, and we told him we weren’t interested. We’re getting sick of them harassing us!

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