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Air Hogs RC Hawk Eye helicopter review – this little remote controlled helicopter won’t work and Air Hogs customer service doesn’t care!

Air Hogs RC Hawk Eye helicopter review
My son got this Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC helicopter for Christmas and it doesn't work like its supposed to and their customer service could care less.

My son received an AirHogs Hawk Eye RC helicopter as a Christmas gift that I was so looking forward to using it with him.  Soon after using it we found the remote controlled helicopter to clearly be defective.  Then the experience I had with the company and their customer service was awful — please avoid them and don’t buy Air Hogs brand products.

The item that we had the problem with was an AirHogs Hawk Eye remote control helicopter.  Once we opened the package and added the required batteries it was ready to charge and then fly.  It flew for about an hour then it required a charge.  After this charge the helicopter refused to respond to the controller.

We followed the confusing directions for the Hawk eye r/c helicopter on the Air Hogs website to ensure that the charge was being accomplished correctly, but the item still refused to respond or do anything but fly out of control.  Batteries were repeatedly replaced and we followed the guidelines scrupulously.  Nothing worked and it was getting highly frustrating.

This specific Air Hogs helicopter is supposed to records pictures to a file, and it does do that, but that’s it.  It neither flies correctly nor responds to the controller.  It instead flies completely out of control and in my opinion is actually dangerous.  What if it were to fly into someone unexpectedly?
We have no idea what is defective (controller or helicopter), but we’ve tried other Air Hogs controllers to no avail.

I have four times telephoned the Air Hogs Customer Service looking for some answers or help but never got through to an operator, each time after 45 minutes of waiting (on January 10, 2010).  This is just absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable.  Clearly this Air Hogs Hawk Eye remote controlled helicopter is not working like it is supposed to and is dangerous to use or fly in its current state.

This whole thing is frustrating to me and upsetting to my son whom really was looking forward to using the helicopter like it is supposed to work – taking pictures while flying.  The Customer Service department isn’t designed to respond and is non existant.

Folks—avoid this Air Hogs r/c helicopter company.

5 thoughts on “Air Hogs RC Hawk Eye helicopter review – this little remote controlled helicopter won’t work and Air Hogs customer service doesn’t care!

  1. i have the same problem but mine wont respond i tried it but it dosent respond but it takes hundreds of pictures whenever i turn it on

  2. You’re not alone! On March 14,2011, I received an Air Hogs Hawk Eye R/C helicopter as a gift, & the next day (in less than 24 hours) the thing malfunctioned by not flying & continuously taking photos! Don’t waste your money, & avoid this thing like the plague! I’m wondering if this is a commonplace defect in Hawk Eye helicopters, & would be interested in your opinion! Thanks!

  3. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you but I’m curious how you managed to get it flying for an hour when clearly the thing works for 5-10 minutes per charge. Something tells me you’re not quite telling the truth about this.

    While I did find it a little troubling to get this guy to fly I realized its a helicopter…what did you expect? They’re among the hardest things to figure out and such a light one is especially challenging.

  4. I would LOVE to get my hands on your AMAZING, 1 HOUR (!!!!!) LIPO battery in your “defective” helicopter. IT is the only one of it’s kind in the WORLD!! AMAZING! oh..and TRIM..READ INSTRUCTIONS.. it IS a helicopter… they are all different out of the box regarding TRIM..I bet all of my money you were OUTSIDE with an IR bassed RC toy… right in the SUN! am I wrong ????? haha. NOPE!

  5. I can’t get the darn thing to fly well. It just keeps circling and going to the left and crashing. I have tried everything. It drives me nuts.

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