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if you’re like me and you think that we are living in the end times then there’s definitely a website you need to check out – – this site is not the best and flashiest design website, but it is packed full of some pretty interesting information that will blow you away sometimes. I have read some of the articles and it’s interesting to see how these various people predict things that are coming true.

Are we in the end times? Well it depends on who you ask, but you have people now saying the world is getting warmer or hotter than it’s ever been in the past 10,000 years, civil unrest is at its highest in years and we are on the brink of war breaking out either with North and South Korea and the US or in the Middle East with Iran and Israel and the US. Israel wants to go and blow up Iran’s nuclear production facilities and make them inoperable so they can no longer produce fissionable material that can be used in nuclear weapons.

I can completely understand where Israel’s coming from and the fact that Iran is proven over and over again that they hate Israel. All of this along with the recent huge recession (actually its being called a depression in some circles) makes people think that we’re really in the end times and it is plausible then the next 10, 15 or 20 years the world will come to an end or that the tribulation period talked about in Revelations is starting soon – some people think the tribulation period has already started.

Without having the ability to see into the future I have no idea, but I can tell you that there’s some very interesting and well-written material that’s also well documented on I just read some interesting articles on the new Pope Francis. They actually predicted him on this website back in 2012 or 2011. They posted some guys prediction that Pope Benedict was going to step down and one of 3 new popes was going to replace him. The 3rd one was Pope Francis! Now, how on Earth could someone predict that? No one out of all the media and news related programs could have predicted him with much accuracy this past week – this website predicted him and the stepping down of Pope Benedict way before anyone else. That’s just plain weird.

Now some of their stuff is a little off base like the posts of Putin being the antichrist. Who the supposed antichrist is could be anyone’s guess, but they will certainly help you try and figure it out on this website in a methodical way. Very interesting reading. Some other websites that go along with and that provide information out of the norm are:

If you like stuff about the end times or are just curious you should check it out – very interesting reading.

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