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I found a great motorcycle resource I want to share -!

If you like motorcycles then I have found the website for you – It is loaded with everything you could think of related to motorcycles. From the latest information on new motorcycles and development to some cool videos like the one comparing a Ducati motorcycle and the latest top of the line Ferrari.

The website is full of information regardless of whether you’re into a fast sport bike or a custom V twin chopper. There is even a section for Lady riders and tourers. You may not think there’s a lot of women in to motorcycles but there actually are. I have to see a lot myself on sport bikes and Harley-Davidson’s everyday.

All sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds are riding motorcycles. Some are doing this to save money on gas as it’s obvious a motorcycle is far lighter than a car and will get far better gas mileage and fuel economy. Some others are doing it for a fast thrill ride. You just can’t beat the speed and exhilaration of a motorcycle – and you can get a bite as fast as a Ferrari for $10,000 or less.

If you want a really fast car you will spend far more money to get something half as fast. Now, lots of motorcyclists tend to like to travel together and there are people that do touring on motorcycles through various cities and countrysides throughout America. There is a section on the website which covers touring and great places to go biking.

There are some great curvy roads some well-known and some not as well known that you will be older read about and see on this website. They have maps, links to other sites like Google Maps, and some great tips. Tips of what to see and areas to avoid – very helpful to those out looking for a great cruise on their motorcycle.

They also have a magazine that you can subscribe to, but I have not subscribed to that magazine I just like reading the great information on the website. They have links to most of the big-name manufacturers from Kawasaki and Yamaha to Harley-Davidson and others. There are track racing tips and general riding tips. is a great resource for all Motorcycle enthusiasts.

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