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Alli weight loss aid review – these weight loss and diet drug pills only gave me bad gas and stomach aches.

Alli weight loss aid review
I gave the diet drug Alli a try for 2 months and all it did was give me gas and painful bloating. I didn't lose any weight.


I had been looking for a while for a way to lose weight and I had heard about some of these diet drugs that you can take that cause you to lose weight without changing your diet or any additional exercise.  Kindly disposed to be able to take up killer to a day and cut out several pounds of fat off your body every week.  So I settled on a product called Alli weight loss aid.

I found you can buy this product at most any drugstore or Wal-Mart as it is not a prescription required drug.  It is an over-the-counter weight-loss product or aid.  So I bought it with hopes that I would in six months or so be able to fit into the bikinis that I used to wear seven years ago – it was only a 20 – 25 pound difference between where I am now and where I was seven years ago.  So I figured this shouldn’t be too hard or an unreachable goal for a product that claims that you can lose several pounds per week.

Right from the start I encounter constant gas and cramping pains in my stomach.  Sometimes I would have diarrhea but I wasn’t sure if that was because I might’ve had a cold or flu or if it was due to the Alli weight loss pills.  I found on the Internet later on that these were some of the common side effects of taking Alli.

I took the Alli diet drug pills for about 2 months and during that time I did not lose any real weight but I did experience lots of bloating and gas.  There were some weeks where I felt like I might’ve lost a pound but then again it back the next week so there was no real loss of weight during this two months.




The only thing I really experienced with constant gas and gas related pains in my belly.  Being that I work with a lot of people in my job this was very inconvenient as I was constantly having to excuse myself to go to the bathroom or outside or something due to the gas that I was having from using the Alli weight loss aid.  The gas pains and discomfort were definitely not worth it and extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

Again as I said I did not lose any real weight and I did give the diet drug pills a full two months (actually I gave even more time than that) for this weight loss product to work.  The product did not work and really had no beneficial weight-loss effects for me.  After I quit taking the Alli weight loss aid pills I came to the conclusion that the only real way to lose weight is to watch one’s diet and to regularly exercise.

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So I started to limit the amount of meat and fatty foods that I ate and I started an exercise routine of running every other day.  I found it hard at first I had an exercise in so long so I started with a mile a day of slow jogging.  I then built this up to the point where I could run for 4 to 5 miles at a pretty good pace.  I only then saw and experienced real weight loss.  Since then I have not only attain my original goals of shedding 20 pounds, but I actually lost an additional 4 pounds which means I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life!

I now fit in the bikinis and clothes that I used to wear over seven years ago when I was younger.  Don’t fall for these weight loss scams like Alli.  With the Alli weight loss aid pills I didn’t lose any weight whatsoever and all I gained was gas and gas related bloating in my stomach.  I definitely do not recommend Alli or any similar weightloss or diet drugs to anyone that wants to lose weight.  Instead, find a diet plan that you like and start or embark on a regular exercise routine.  That is the only true way to lose weight and keep it off.

3 thoughts on “Alli weight loss aid review – these weight loss and diet drug pills only gave me bad gas and stomach aches.

  1. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  2. Exercise is strongly encouraged on the Every Other Day Diet. However, it is not required for success. I tried Alli also and it did not work for me. Watching my diet and cutting carbs did the best along with taking up running.

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