Al’s Pizza restaurant of Jacksonville Florida review – it used to be good, but now this pizza place has gone down hill.

Al's Pizza restaurant of Jacksonville Florida review

I used to like Al's Pizza restaurant here in Jacksonville, but last time I went I found they had gone downhill in a big way!

I had been to Al’s pizza restaurant here in Jacksonville Florida before several times and the food was good.

Al’s Pizza
1620 Margaret Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 388-8384

But then I went again and found that the place has truly gone down hill. The pizza that I used to like no longer tasted like Italian made pizza. It tasted more like Domino’s Pizza (which I think is horrible) or other pizzas that you can buy from Wal-Mart in the frozen food section.

Their pizza used to be quite good. Now it was quite bad. I told the waitress that and after complaining she went back and brought me back another pizza. This one wasn’t any better. Their pizza was no longer good at all. They are skimping on toppings now and the sauce just tastes watered down.

To be honest with you the way the pizza tastes now I don’t think I would even feed it to my dog. It’s that bad. Their service also went downhill. It used to be a great place and all of the staff there was friendly and nice. I used to feel at home at Al’s Pizza and now I feel like a K-mart shopper at the Kmart delicatessen Or cafeteria where I would never go eat food.

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If their pizza and service is going to be like this I’m not going to be coming back. I am half Italian and I like good, fresh made pizza. This is what they used to make at Al’s in the past, but apparently not anymore. The pizzas I was served tasted like the crappy food I could get at my school cafeteria when I was in high school – horrible.

there are way too many other pizza restaurants and similar here in the Jacksonville Florida area to bother spending another minute eating or even looking at crappy pizzas like the ones I was served recently at Al’s pizza. And the rude service definitely makes it so I’m not going to be coming back.

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