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Amalfi Italian Restaurant Charlotte Review – this place has phenomenal food at a great price

Amalfi's in Charlotte, NC has great food at a low price

I was in the mood for some Italian food when my girlfriend and I were out and we stumbled upon this place called Amalfi. This place was tiny and sandwiched between Subway and Rite Aid in the Harris Teeter Shopping plaza on highway 49. I had no idea this place even existed, so we decided to try it.

We walked in and it appeared to be more of a casual place. They had a sign at the front that said “Please seat yourself”, so we looked around to see that there wasn’t much seating available. It was the dinner time hour but we were able to get a table in the corner behind a family of four.

Our waitress came over and she was very nice. She took our drink orders as we looked over the menu. When she came back she arrived with some fresh bread to munch on while we looked over what we wanted to order.

After looking things over for a few minutes I decided to get the chicken parmesan with pasta, while my girlfriend decided to get a chicken alfredo dish. When I looked at the pricing it was very moderate so I was a bit surprised but happy.

The food came out rather quickly and it was fantastic. The chicken was tender, and my pasta was hot and very fresh. The sauce was made perfect, and I was overall very happy with my dish. My girlfriend said hers was just as good, if not better.

We paid for our meal and go out of there at a very moderate price. We spent about $20 between the two of us. That is not bad at all for some great italian food, and some good sit down dinning service. I would definitely go there again, and recommend it to anyone that likes good italian food.

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