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I recently purchased the Shawn T’s Insanity fitness workout DVD from I wanted to get in shape and I saw the motivational ads on TV.  The price was better than what I’ve seen on the late-night TV infomercials from Beachbody – it was going for around $90 rather than the full retail price of $129 or so. Amazon has this supposed A to Z guarantee program that guarantees that a buyer will receive what they ordered or get their money back.

Well I ordered the Insanity DVD workout program and when it arrived it wasn’t the actual thing you see on TV it was a definite bootleg copy. It was in a container that looked like the real thing, but inside it each of the DVDs was a burned DVD. The seller had written in magic marker as to which CD was which number and so on and so forth – definite bootlegs. But the problem here was that this shady seller took so long to ship it out to me that Amazon would not handle the refund.

They said it was my fault that I didn’t request a refund within a certain period of time. I’m sorry here, but how am I supposed to do that when I don’t even have the item yet? The seller made up some great excuses along the way a to why it was taking so long – they had a death in the family, and so on. And I really felt sorry for them. Unfortunately, none of it was true. They just did that on purpose so that it would take so long that when I finally received it was outside of Amazon’s A to Z guarantee program.

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Out of the 13 DVDs, only seven of them work and the rest just spin and do nothing regardless of whether I play them on my DVD player or my computer. It also did not come with the nutrition guide ready thing else in printed format like it said it would. Instead they were all included on one of the DVDs. At least they’re there, but I would have to print them out if I want to read them or read them on the computer.

I am mad at Amazon because their guarantee is absolute horse crap. I think the seller’s ID on Amazon was Slinky55 or something like that. So be sure and stay away from them and be very wary of any DVD sets being sold on And their guarantee is definitely not the A-Z guarantee they claim it to be. Be sure and read their policy and no really before you order an item off Amazon’s website. Else, you may be left with a worthless bootleg DVD set like I have.

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