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Amazon Prime Compliment – Free 2 day shipping for students is a great deal!

Amazon Prime is a great way to cut costs for students

It’s the beggining of the semester at colleges and it’s time to buy books again. I have had some really good luck with so I went to look there for some of my books I needed.

I had received a bunch of emails about’s offers and sales but I usually just deleted the mas junk mail and never ever read them. However when I was looking at books on I noticed a thing that said free 2 day shipping for students if you sign up for Amazon Prime.

I don’t really like to sign up for anything extra I didn’t need to buy for free 2 day shipping I thought it was worth the time to look into. As I read how it worked it was actually very easy.

All I needed to do was provide my name and .edu email address. I did so and I was sent a confirmation email. On the email I just had to click the link and I was all set up.

Just like that I was able to get free 2 day shipping on any book I ordered through However the drawback was I could not get free shipping on books I ordered from other customers selling their text books. However has competetive prices so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I recieved the book I needed in 2 days just like promised. Amazon Prime for students is really a great feature they offer to students. Buying texts books is expensive enough, and is helping offset some of those costs by offering free 2 day shipping to students with Amazon Prime, as well as keeping the prices lower and competetive.

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