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Amazon Review – Buying and selling books have never been so easy on

Buying and selling books on amazon is easy and convenient

I was tired of getting ripped off at my campus book store with buying and selling books so I decided to check out some alternative options online. I had heard of a few places like and for buying and selling books. However Amazon seemed to be the website I had heard most about so I decided to try them out first.

I had to create an account with them to be able to sell some old books back so I did that. The sign up process was easy enough. I had no problems with anything. Some sights have arduous set ups that can take much too long, Amazon did not.

I listed my four books I needed to sell online. It was very easy to do so. I just had to type in the ISBN number on the back of the book and it brought up the right title and picture of my books. It was very easy to verify that I was listing the right book.

After doing that it gave me a chance to give it description of the book too. Anything from brand new to very poor. On top of that it let me type in any additional information about the book I wanted to disclose. This helps relay to the buyer what they are getting when they make the purchase.

After a book is sold I received and email saying that my book is sold. This was nice so I didn’t have to keep checking Amazon to see if my book sold. I logged onto and found the buyers shipping information very easily. I was given $4 for shipping too. This whole process was very easy.

Receiving my money was very easy too. I gave Amazon my debit card information and routing number and they transfered the money right to my account. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience selling books on Amazon. I would definitely recommend using this to buy and sell books than your school book store. You get better value for your books and won’t spend a ton of money buying them either.

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