AMTC (American Models and Talent Competition) Review – watch out this is the biggest convention scam yet!

AMTC (American Models and Talent for Christ) Review

I heard this ad for AMTC auditions on the radio and it turned out to be a huge scam! Stay far away from AMTC!

Oh my goodness – I heard this thing on the radio the other day about an audition for models, actors and musicians. It was for the American Model and Talent competition (formerly called American Models and Talents for Christ) sounded really nice and the audition was free so I decided to take my daughter there. When I got there though this whole thing had the air of a scam to it. then when my daughter received a call back and they tried to hit me up for $3500 to go to their regional convention I knew it was a scam!

How can people like this be allowed to prey on people in cities all across America? I later saw a special on TV (actually it was a TV special, but I watched it on the internet). They literally the exposed AMT see as a scam. The coaches at AMTC give just about everyone a callback. Its not in the name of whom would really qualify. It’s all in name of profits and sick profits at that.

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If you were to sit and listen to these coaches that they have (or as such they call themselves) you wouldn’t believe your ears. They are so full of BS that one needs to get a shovel out. First of all they’re not qualified in any way shape or form to determine who has talent and who does not. I checked into it and not a one of them is or ever has been an agent for any reputable modeling, acting or other similar type of agency.

They talk like right off a sales script and everyone that I went to the audition with was selected for a call back – every single one. Almost all these people will never be able to work in the industry because they definitely do not qualify. Basically, what AMTC does is the complete opposite of what American Idol does. American Idol only accepts a handful of contestants from the auditions they hear at every city they go to. AMTC accepts any and all of the people that wouldn’t ever make it on American Idol.

I still wonder why anyone would ever pay $500, let alone $3500 to go to a scam AMTC convention. I told the coaches that I was not going to pay $3500 to further my daughter with their scam. They tried to use my daughter against me – very wrong in my book. They asked me this – “Don’t you love and believe in your daughter enough to send her to the event that will change her life?”

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I told them that I will stick with American Idol next time it comes to town. Besides they are at least honest and free! No reputable modeling, acting, musical or similar talent agency would ever charge someone $3500 to go to a convention like this AMTC scam. I later looked them up on the Internet and found on the websites where they are listed as a scam has become quite obvious that these people do not have Christ or anything religious in mind other than making sick profits.

If I were you and you were to see this AMTC (American Models and Talent Competition) being advertised anywhere ignore it and then report it to the Better Business Bureau and your local police. Eventually as enough people find out they’ve been taken by this massive scam the government will get involved and permanently close them down and jail the owners and lying coaches.

This weekend I will be drafting a letter of formal complaint to my state representatives and the governor as I want this awful scam investigated and closed down. They say this is for Christ – that is the worst lie I have ever heard. Jesus Christ would never do or approve of such a thing. This AMTC scam is just pure greed and disgusting!

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12 Responses to AMTC (American Models and Talent Competition) Review – watch out this is the biggest convention scam yet!

  1. gARRET on February 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    i think the only scam about it was your attitude. As some one who has been in the entertainment industry for years, this company is a great stepping stool. Better spend the money now than 10x that over years in class’s and equipment just to find out if you have or not. I am putting faith in God and letting him provide as He will through prayer and dedication

    • ChrisK on February 19, 2011 at 6:54 pm

      “I am putting faith in God and letting him provide as He will through prayer and dedication” That is a complete bullshit attitude. “god” doesn’t do with anything, you have to go out and do it yourself. Praying to “god” in my opinion is a waste of time. You won’t get anywhere in life or in the entertainment industry praying to “god” for help.

      • Srah on June 12, 2011 at 9:50 am

        Your a complete idiot….the only way you will ever get anywhere in life is through God! I am very sorry that you feel that way about him! God is the one who gives people talent! Without him you are nothing and will never be anything! “Praying to God is a waste of time” Praying to God is the best thing that you can do with your time! I’ll bet that you will go NOWHERE in life without God. Just wait until He comes back to Earth! You will be bowing down to him whether you want to or not! I hope you come to realize that without God your nothing! But with him you can do anything you want to!

  2. Sad Cindy on February 26, 2011 at 12:37 am

    AMTC is all about profit. I got suckered in and regret the whole experience. My advice to anyone that’s considering, please go with your gut instinct. If you want to attend just for the experience, then go for it, otherwise it’s not worth it. You can learn everything that AMTC teach you in the book “Actors for Dummies.” Beware of hidden fees, like 3 “free” audition categories at the convention; and each additional category is additional $75.

    Of course you are encouraged to sign up for many auditions to get so-called more exposure. If you are going in as an Actor, they tell you to market yourself as an Actor/Model. It was quite evident at the so-called rehearsals that not all actors are models. Beware of the brainwash. Gets even worse. If you go in as a singer, they tell you that you are a singer/actor/model, and what’s killing about this, is that you actually believe it. You go home and practice in the mirror never previously thinking about modeling thinking you’ve got it “if it’s God’s will”.

    And then there’s a cost for a banquet, and another cost for the final celebration. Ask God to give you discernment. Don’t trust the AMTC “man.” The entertainment industry is very competitive. Something did not feel right when almost everyone that auditioned locally was called back. That was my first red flag. Do your own research and you’ll find that signing up with a legitimaste agency is free, and they invest in YOU. Buy the black and yellow dummy book. Good info and contacts, plus advice on how to get started. Good luck on your decision. The convention is also too fast-paced.

    • ac on April 2, 2011 at 6:17 am

      i went and audition in greensboro on march 26 they called me back march 27 at 10 something that mourning i was in church, total is 4,000.00. that is a lot of money and there are a lot of things it don’t include. have you found a legit company i’m a gospel vocalist and if i’m going to spend that kind of money i need to make sure it count’s . thanks for your insite because what God has for me is still for me. AMTC is not a part of God’s plan.

  3. Shag on April 20, 2011 at 1:14 am

    This company is crazily over priced in comparison to others that are very similar. They have gone from $2500 to $3995 in just a few years with nothing changing except for the name. The coaches are every day joes that could not cut it in the industry, so now coach. For that kind of money, each class should be lead by nationally acclaimed industry professionals, not has beens and wannna be’s. The attitude of the owners behind the scene also leaves much to be desired and are a lot of things….but Christian ain’t one of ‘em.
    I like conventions as long as the cost is reasonable and the quality is very high. NO convention should cost $4000 and still have to foot the bill for meals, expensive hotel, and traveling cost for 6 days. If you choose to participate in a talent convention, do your research thoroughly and go to the one that best suits your needs.

  4. Learn on April 28, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Read what many others have to say about AMTC. Some are previous workers, while others are past attendees. In this link, you’ll find other links. Some of the comments go into great detail on what goes on behind the scenes with this company. The very few positive comments are from what appears to be well meaning people or most likely employees of AMTC trying to defend their scam, but do not have the facts written as does many of the other ones unleashing the truth about this company do. I think after reading these, checking the validity of the comments … I suppose you can simply call their office in Tryone, GA and out and out ask them.

    If after investigating this company you still choose to participate with this company, then chances are you must be just looking for a place to throw your hard earned money away. Please don’t. I wish you the very best!


    Exposing The Truth

  5. Niki Sullivan on November 10, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    my daughter did this and the talent level at AMTC is very low. so sad that so many people are mislead. And that they are using Christ to get them in. Its just like the contestants that think they can sing because they made it to the next level on American Idol. Very similar at AMTC because they get in they think they have talent and its all about getting as much money out of as many people as possible at AMTC – avoid AMTC!

  6. Kwesi Annag on February 22, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I have been invited to attend the audition tomorrow, Feb., 23 here in Atlanta Georgia. I have totally changed my mind on going after reading all these and including other comments from other review sites.

    My question is why are they still allowed in these cities to host auditioning just to scam folks of the little they have in these hard times?

    • Stan E. on February 24, 2013 at 12:31 am

      AMTC is a complete scam. Don’t go you will get ripped off big time. No one makes any money. Its all a big scam.

      • Sandy on February 24, 2013 at 9:24 am

        My daught met with an agent and we said we were invited to shine. The agent said-
        “I use to enjoying going because amtc paid our way and gave us money for food. I got to see my friends from other agencies around the country. But the talent is not up to par and last time they did a baptism on stage and it just was getting creepy. ”
        Those are the agents words. Nowhere in her conversation did she say I like shine because the talent is so prepared and good.
        Which is what AMTC tells people. They told us that agents come because AMTC prepares you and that is why it cost so much. They really don’t teach you anything.

  7. Lindsey on March 17, 2013 at 8:41 am

    wow i can’t believe I got all excited and found out I made it and turns out to be nothing but a money pit scam!:(

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