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AMTC (American Models and Talent Competition) Review – watch out this is the biggest convention scam yet!

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21 thoughts on “AMTC (American Models and Talent Competition) Review – watch out this is the biggest convention scam yet!

  1. Most people go to this audition on their own or with their children to volunteer their talent for Christ. That’s what they think they are doing. The actor in Flower Mound, named Jaco, gives a good monologue and has video that pulls at your heart strings. If God has “calls you”. How do you know God has called you? You are to go home and pray with your family and see if God answers Yes. In the mean time, the AMTC employees will pray about you and the other audition attendees and see which ones God picks. If you get a “call back”, the first question is, “Did you pray about it?” Then, what did God say. Of course, God said yes, and when you go for your call back appointment, they hit you with a legal agreement before you can see anyone. Just don’t sign anything! There are no need for contracts because they last forever, and it is very vague what they mean. One clause was that they have rights to all of your pictures and video for the rest of your life for free. Run!

  2. Excellent comment, Crystal ! I believe this is exactly what someone needs to share with Carol Lewis. I was blessed by being able to travel from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean , and spend three days in Hollywood , CA. I went solely for a vacation with a dear friend. After seeing the many individuals performing on the streets, I envisioned going back as missionaries performing for free and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. ( We have a large family of 12 who enjoy singing and playing instruments.)Afterwards, I spent several days praying ,often in tears, for this city and the people. The true disciples of Christ should pray that God will change the hearts of the AMTC agency or put them out of this shameful business . Obviously, the media continues to grow in its influence in the world. May it be God’s merciful will to place His humble servants as lights in a very dark world.

  3. I went to a casting in Memphis TN. On Valentine’s Day. Just wanting to check it out. 1st off I’m a big believer in No.’s and my No. Was 966-God was showing me right then this is evil and not of Christ right then turn that 9 Upside down and you have 666. These people should really be ashamed that they put Christ in the there title. Run for the hills I got a call back the very next day asking me to contact Donna Gross herself where she asked me for 250$ as a registration fee. I told her I would call her back once I had it which I did but didn’t do much research regarding this company. Pray and ask God for direction and the knowledge you need regarding your career. These people are scammers and have no shame in it. What God has for you it will come to you and you won’t have to pay for it. The Devil comes to steal (your money$$) kill (your dream) and destroy(your ambition to chase your dream).Stay Prayed Up! Let Christ Jesus led the way and give him the Glory cause to God be the Glory.You can do all things there him!Not AMTC they should be ashamed!

  4. There are PLENTY of people who have experienced dramatic grief and heartache with amtc. Agreed, amtc provides comeraderie, amtc provides an interesting experience, amtc provides a wee bit of education and teaching. The problem is the VIPs are paid WELL. But they don’t want to be there, Remember its a long way from call backs to getting signed and then actually getting work! My motivation in writing is not sour grapes… my daughter IS CURRENTLY MAKING MONEY IN SHOWBUSINESS…but she didn’t get there through amtc. and honestly i don’t know that anybody through amtc has ever gotten a truly major role. MY motivation is the heartache I’ve seen on sooooo many parents and kids faces and knowing they honestly never had a chance. I am thinking of running radio ads on every christian radio station amtc advertises on explaining the LOTTO type odds. I don’t see how Carey or Lexi or Adam can make an ongoing living at this. it would just kill me. I was in your exact position a couple of years ago My daughter receivd 20 callbacks. Including from Trump modeling.Do you hope to get that many callbacks? Most end up with about 5 callbacks from vips. My daughter is now a paid model -but not with ANY of the agency’s or vips at AMTC. NOTHING AMTC did helped her get this agency and the work.
    AMTC is no more a scam than literally thousand of other “opportunities” in show business. And it is my sincere prayer these poor parents who think highly of their child’s talent realize this before theyre bilked of thou$ands of dollars. The road to stardom is so enticing. Thousands of very smart people know how to manipulate parents’ mindset turning it into dollars, and basically never money or notice. one key question to ask them is “name a star you made” and make them answer it. NOT JUST AMTC! pay to play is as common as the air you breathe! Other “scammers” got our info from amtc marketing – like sharks in this industry. I promise amtc does no marketing that your local agency couldn’t do if they believe in you. Talent/beauty is subjective. And the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you or your child. Just know this. PLEASE people this is an entire industry, not just amtc….BE CAREFUL Adam and Lexi She, please don’t contact me, love Brett Reese…COLORADO

  5. My husband, two teenage daughters, and I auditioned in march 2015 in Seattle. We all got callbacks. We were all very excited. My husband and I drove back the next day and listened for two hours about details. They wanted $4,995 each, that is $20,000! I was surprised to see how many people were there. It looked to me like they possibly called everyone back!!! I was shocked to see people being asked to sign up and hand over the deposits who obviously did not have what it takes to make it in the talent industry. One man was called back to model and he was extremely obese and not very good looking and he was buying right into it. I thought to myself at first that it was nice if he can model for large men’s clothes or something, positive thinking giving them the benefit of the doubt. What bothered me so much is that their website and first day meeting makes it sound like they are sending people out on missions work, … I believed that they somehow put together productions with the talent and then go around doing these productions to help lead others to Christ. That sounded fabulous. But later when it came down to signing on the dotted lines, I realized that their so called “missions” really are not missions at all! They do not have missions as they claim. How are they claiming this on their website and at the info meeting and doing it in Jesus name? I believe that when my husband and I were sitting in the room to sign us up that the holy spirit gave me discernment to know the difference. I saw into the future and see where this would lead us all.what I realized is that us Christians can do God’s work anywhere and everyday, and it was nit a bright future that God would he anymore pleases with than our current jobs and life. I do feel that if there is a young adult who desires with all their heart to be a professional actress/dancer/singer,… And needs more training and the exposure and has $5,000 to spend and is a Christian,… Then it would be fine to attend the shine conference and get I front of 50-100 agents who have the right connections,… If the person realm has what it takes then that is valuable, and could possibly lead to the one in a 10,000 success story a bit easier than going in with just a small time agency. But for the thousands of suckers who are buying into the shine conference and believing that they have what it takes but don’t really, they are really being mislead. People pray and pray about signing up before you do and seek God’s will for you before you just so up. Blessings.

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