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AMTC scam complaint – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a scam and nothing else!

AMTC scam complaint - Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a scam and nothing else
I went to AMTC and got scammed out of over $10,000! Do not go to AMTC auditions – they are a scam!

Let me tell you how I know this.  I heard an advertisement about 20 times on my local radio station for this AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ) convention or casting call.  I thought it sounded fun and interesting so I figured I’d check it out.  I went down and attended it last month.  When I look back at it now I know it was a complete waste of time.

I actually went down there and  auditioned last month for AMTC Actors, Models , Talent for CHRIST! You know what happened as it happens to everyone – I of course got the call back – everybody does.  I got the callback as well as my son, my daughter and my neighbor and her 4 children.  We were amazed as many, many others, were receiving callbacks too.  I think everyone received callbacks.

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They unfortunately ended up taking $1,000 from us and told us we were absolutely wonderful and could be seen by hundreds of agents and talent scouts (that was a complete lie) and that our lives would change forever.  They told us to just go home and get some songs prepared and learn everything you need to know by website. And that we would do great and had big million dollar careers ahead of us.

As it turns out you only have 14 days to get your money back. With the online curriculum they have for you to learn what amtc is and the way it is structured, by the time you realize and figure out what you have gotten yourself into (a great big scam), the 14 days is gone. That means you have zero chance of seeing your $1,000 ever again from these creeps.

Then to top it off they want you to gather $3995 dollars per entrant, NOT INCLUDING!!! the $150 a night stay where you HAVE to stay on the florida campus.  I found that it is $15 a night just to park there – what a racket! And you have to pay for all your food, and there are only very expensive, fine dining resteraunts in the vacinity.

Our total, not including gas to get there and back is now way over $10,000 lol, and its only to go to this convention to be coached on how to get a job for 6 days. It’s a fun time for sure, but I can have a much better time and several great vacations for far less money.  Then in the end, just maybe you get a callback to perform for 60 seconds in front of disinterested agents, but in fine print, they tell you at most only 20% out of thousands of people even get that chance!

AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is absolutely ridiculous!  What a scam operation they run.  It is a total waste of time and money! Big scam, if you say I have talent and I should give it to God, then don’t charge me an arm and a leg.  All you have to remember is this – no one has really ever made it big off AMTC and no one ever will.  Don’t get caught up in the AMTC scam like we did.  You will only lose a lot of your money with nothing to show for it except broken dreams and an empty bank account!

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15 thoughts on “AMTC scam complaint – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a scam and nothing else!

  1. Thanks a lot for telling me this! I signed up for an audition for monday, i’ll definately be skipping that!

  2. AMTC is a total scam. I am not saying this out of anger for not being picked, because I was picked. It seemed fun and great, but then I found out exactly how much this was going to cost. Around $8,000 total by the end of the thing! From talking to friends who are actually getting out there in the entertainment business, it should NEVER cost that much!! EVER! And they claim all this in the name of Christ!! That is SO wrong and EVIL. Sick people. Don’t sign up with AMTC. Its a rip off and NOT in the name of Christ. They are liars and rip you of for thousands of dollars. Don’t waste your money.

  3. This is quite disheartening. I was really looking forward to this event as it is coming to my hometown later this month! Currently, I reside in Nashville and my family, my best friends and I were going to make the drive to Louisville to do this! My father made special arrangements with his work schedule just so we could go but now I am not so sure.

    I may still go just to check it out and see for myself, but if I get a call back and then they ask for money, I will know it was a scam.
    This sucks.

  4. AMTC is a scam. I used to work for them, but I got sick and tired of having to lie to people and steal their money – it was horrible. It’s all a big lie. You will not get anything worthwhile from AMTC. All I can say is stay far away from AMTC and report them to the police. If enough people do this they will get closed down.

  5. AMTC is a scam. It is all falsehoods about God and such when it is really all about money and profits. You have to pay for everything and dearly. It is far too expensive and the results suck. Don’t go to AMTC. Save your money.

  6. I went and feel ripped off. It was a party and nothing more. I didn’t need to spend thousands on a party. I wanted to find work as a model and got ripped off. 🙁

  7. I think that these people need to get lives and not cheat innocent civilians out of their hard earned money; while claiming the name of actors models and talent FOR CHRIST. That is not right and should not be tolerated.
    ~Princess of The Father

    Mathew 7:15

  8. I went with my adult niece to the auditions here in MN last Saturday, April 13th. They PRETEND to be Christian-based. They advertised that their services are aimed towards people of ALL ages and so my niece, who’s 50, signed up, after hearing about this on KTIS, our local Christian radio. She has a BA in music and also has performed major roles in many plays, as well as writes her own Christian music. They PROMISE to either phone with results of acceptance or send a denial email. They didn’t do either. They LIE. Would Christ LIE? No! Therefore, they are NOT Christian-based; they are a SCAM to get kids into this, as the only people they obviously allow to attend their convention are kids up to, perhaps 30. They show this lengthy video of mainly children and young people performing on stage and NOT one single ADULT is included in their video, although they stated they cater to people of ALL ages: I believe they advertised child to 83, which pretty much states everyone who breathes. They obviously WANT MONEY, is their bottom line. They are definitely a scam! DO NOT EVER USE their services!

  9. I am a former employee that worked for AMTC before they decided to add Christ on to their business. THEY WERE, AND STILL ARE A SCAM! In desperation they added Christ to their scam because in 2006 while the CEO was in financial crisis, she was saved. Their business was FAILING! I, like another former employee who posted on this site had a lot of problems with the way they would con people with no talent that their convention was going to make them successful in the entertainment and modeling industry. Jesus would not approve of their business ethics. You would not believe how much money these people make off of peoples dreams. Also, the convention is a lot more about them selling rooms for the hotels the convention is held at. Do you wonder why you can’t get rooms at more affordable hotels close to the convention? It’s totally discouraged. If the convention wasn’t a scam why would it be an issue to make your own hotel arrangements? I’ve also been witness to their unkind treatment in regards to others “agents” associated with their convention and people whom have worked for them. Now they are a non-profit ministry? They are for profit, lots of profit. Try getting a scholarship to their convention. Ask them to tithe your convention fee and let you stay at a hotel of your choice while you attend. See how far you get with those request if you believe this is not a scam. You will still pay thousands and the hotels will love you. They actually had a program “Project Dream Repair” that claimed to provide scholarships and “charitable outreach”. Check their site, it no longer exist and neither does their charity. I suspect it was not profitable.

    You’re better off spending that 5-10k going to NYC or LA to do the rounds with reputable agents and agencies. What would Jesus do? He sure wouldn’t want people scamming in his name.

    1. can you please be honest with me. Do you think I am wasting my time? Does everybody get a call back whether they have potential or not?

      thank you

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