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AMTC scam complaint – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a scam and nothing else!

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15 thoughts on “AMTC scam complaint – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a scam and nothing else!

  1. I tried out for AMTC earlier this year, total waist of time. My husband and I heard about it on the radio and thought I should give it a try especially since it was “for Christ”. I auditioned and got a call back and was so excited, when I went to the meetings that they have the day after with all who got called back I realized there were so many people and people that I had seen the day before that honestly did not have talent. I noticed mostly kids with their parents. It became obvious to me that they were using these kid’a parents for money. They took us all to a room and talked about the trip to Florida and then slip in the cost and how it did not include airfare or hotel stay. I saw how they use kids with no talent to convince the parents to pay for that scam. Afterall a parent only wants to make their child happy ands wants to be their support. Well amtc does a good job with using those vulnerable areas. It was sad seeing so many people fall for their sick ways of making money. After they discusses the Florida trip they then sent someone to each family to try to convince then and to talk payment plans like if your buying a stinken car, signing all kinds of papers. I just felt it being soo wrong, the pressure and amount of money they ask for on the second day. It’s soo ridiculous. I am so thankful I did not feel peace in my heart about and said no. They even tried to offer me a “scholarship”. All it was, was a monthly payment plan to make it “easier” on m as if I don’t have enough bills to pay lol. Well thank God I didn’t do it I know it was only him that gave me that uneasy feeling the whole time I was there. It is a scam and it is very wicked the way they use God to disguise their wickedness. May The Lord have mercy on them seriously they will need it for all the people they are conning.

  2. I auditioned as an actress on February 15th and received a callback at 11:42AM 02/16/14. The representative for AMTC described how Carrie Lewis applauded my performance and how she believed it to be refreshing for Christ, and how she thought I was an articulate, cute, intellectual, and spunky individual. The representative continued with the following: “Which one of our available time slots are most convenient for you?” or something like that, and “Will you be making the $500 or $250 deposit today? We can always postpone registration for another time if you’re unable to make the payment at this time.” I told her I would call my father in charge of business ploys and call her back during the day. I never did. AMTC is a scam and a rip-off, in my opinion. I could attend acting classes in New York that will guarantee my being enlisted with a casting director as opposed to the $3895-$4995 event to meet all of those people in the face of adversity where I’m not guaranteed a job, had I stayed with AMTC. There are more economical routes for the middle-class and lower-middle-class, including those who don’t have a readily available $5,000 in their pocket. Discover what works best for you in these difficult times. God bless and don’t be fooled!

  3. Do not waste you time on this please. I went to an audition and got a call back like many other friends I made at the audition. In the initial audition, they have you walk down a runway. When you get a call back you have to do a 1 minute talent of your choice. I did modeling and acting. I walked and did a short monologue. I was 23 at the time and very excited. When I heard that they wanted me in the program I went and listened to their presentation. They wanted thousands of dollars just to take classes and they promise you will get noticed by reps. I didn’t do it because I had just paid upward 600 to a local agency for classes and pictures and wasn’t about to pay 2000 to this place!So,I passed. they had a few talents there that claimed they got started with this agency to add to their credibility. I doesn’t matter if they really did or not because the truth is that REAL AGENCIES NEVER REQUIRE YOU TO TAKE CLASSES BEFORE YOU CAN SIGN WITH THEM. THEY ARE THE AGENT AND YOU ARE THE TALENT. THEY WORK FOR YOU; NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! THE ONLY THING YOU MUST PAY FOR IS YOUR PICTURES SO THEY CAN MARKET YOU TO CLIENTS. ANY AGENCY THAT STATES OTHERWISE IS AFTER MONEY AND YOU NEED TO RUN THE OTHER WAY! AMTC is not an agency. Learn the verbiage.AMTC is a development program like Barbizon and the like. they help you build your confidence and prefect your craft and that’s it. You don’t need to go to school for that. that can be done at home. Your better of going straight to agents in your area or NY yourself. Skip the middle man and save you bucks!

  4. I am very thankful for reading these posts. The information on the AMTC website seemed very authentic… BUT the Shine program was greatly lacking in genuine talent. I was planning to take my daughter for a fun day of meeting other Christians interested in performing for the glory of God, but definitely have second thoughts now. I would actually like to practice the biblical procedure of ” going to your neighbor first ” asking Carol Lewis if these allegations are legitimate. She needs to be warned that ‘ God is not mocked . Whatsoever a man soweth, thus shall he reap.’ I would also like to see the public become aware of this very soon. I am so sorry to hear the name of Christ being used and abused . Thankfully, God is completely aware of what is going on scam or no scam. He can and will always have the last word for His own glory.

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