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Anytime Locksmith Charlotte NC locksmith review – this locksmith showed up late, made me wait for a long time and was way too expensive for his services!

Anytime Locksmith Charlotte NC locksmith review
Anytime Locksmith charged me way too much money and took advatage of me because I am a poor black student!

I have a older Cadillac that had been sitting in a parking deck at UNCC for a few years.  The battery had died and it had a short that made it so that the car wouldn’t really go anywhere without the battery running down fast – I couldn’t even make it out of the parking deck with it.  It’s a good thing the UNCC student parking idiots (the morons in the bright orange jackets ticketing students for the stupidest things) couldn’t figure out why my car never moved in over 3 years.  I guess as long as you have an updated parking pass in your car they won’t mess with it.

Anyway, so I was getting ready to graduate and my father and uncle offered to pay the bills to have my Cadillac fixed or repaired.  I could no longer get inside the car as the battery had finally run down completely and the remote keyless entry stopped working.  The door keys never worked – the previous owner had the doors re-keyed and it came with the original door keys, not the new ones.  So I couldn’t unlock the doors.

I needed someone to come out and both unlock the car and either make new door keys or pull out the lock cylinders and install new ones.  I called Anytime Locksmith because their advertisement in the YellowBook stated clearly that they were the lowest priced locksmith here in Charlotte NC – “Best Price Around… Day or Night.”

So, we agreed upon a date and time that the locksmith would meet me at UNCC. On that date he showed up over 1 and 1/2 hours late with no acceptable excuse.  I was mad as I missed a class to wait for this guy.  The locksmith told me it would be cheaper to pull out the lock cylinders and install new ones.  So I told him okay.   I figured it would cost around $80 for his services – boy was I wrong.

The locksmith was very slow and took a lot of smoke breaks.  Finally he was finished.  Then I was in for a rude awakening – he wanted $120 per door for the new lock cylinders installed.  I was figuring this would cost between $80 and $100 as that was the next lowest priced locksmith quote I had for the same service and his advertisement in the Yellow Book clearly states best price around – yet he was clearly charging almost 3 times  more then the next lowest priced locksmith.

His services were average, quality of work good, attitude bad, timeliness bad and prices terrible.  I cannot recommend Anytime Locksmith to anyone.  They ripped me off as I later called around and couldn’t find a locksmith here in Charlotte NC that charged anywhere’s near as much money as they did for the same services.  If you need a locksmith use another company.

Anytime Locksmith WILL rip you off and charge you way too much money for their services.  They will also lie to you and tell you they are the cheapest locksmith when they are in fact the most expensive.  They definitely took advantage of a poor black UNCC college student and I think that is very, very wrong and possibly even racist treatment – charging black people more money because you think they are stupid.

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