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Apple Complaint – I was treated like crap when I came in with a broken iphone

The employees at Apple are extremely rude and arrogant

I had been waiting a long time to get the iphone, but had been forced to wait since my cell phone carrier was Verizon. Now that Verizon finally carries the iphone I immediately went to the apple store to go get myself one.

I picked one up the very first day it was available and had my phone switched over and my service all set with Verizon. I had been very happy with my phone for about 3 or 4 weeks now, but just last week my iphone began to freeze up and malfunction.

I had paid a lot of money for the new iphone 4 so I made an appointment at the genius bar at the Apple store. I showed up 10 minutes prior to my appointment like I was instructed and checked in. The girl that checked me in was a bit short with me, as if she had better things she would rather be doing.

I politely said thank you and moved off the side while I waited. The 10 minutes prior to my appointment had passed and I was sure I would be up any minute. However my name still remained at the bottom of the list. It seemed like it would never been my turn and I stood there for about 30 minutes past my appointment time.

What was even more troubling to me was that people were starting to jump me in the queue and that is when I said something to the employee that checked me in. She looked extremely annoyed to be talking to me, but I made sure I was polite, I know working with customers can be sometimes difficult. I did it for years as a college student.

It was finally my turn after about 45 minutes of waiting after my scheduled time. I explained how I had to wait to so long and as why things were taking so long. That was a mistake the man behind the counter immediately snapped at me and told me that it’s none of your business we’ll get to you when we get to you.

I was starting to become really angry with how I was treated at the Apple store. I mean I am a paying customer who just bought a very expensive product. I should be waited on with at least a little respect. That is apparently not how things work at Apple.

The man at the genius bar took literally 30 seconds to asses my problem and said it was fine. I said are you sure? I have been having problems with it freezing, locking up, and sometimes the touch screen would malfunction. He just told me it’s fine and pushed me off the to the side and began yelling out the name of the next customer.

I now began to assert myself a little bit amongst these jerks. I said I had been waiting for over an hour for you to check out my phone and you guys can’t even give me the time of time of day? This is absolutely ridiculous. The man told me to please leave the store you’re causing a scene.

I told him I wasn’t leaving until I got my money back for this piece of junk phone. The manager approached me and refunded my money and I returned my phone. That is the last time I will ever step foot in an Apple Store. They are rude arrogant jerks who don’t know what customer service is. I have decided to get a droid and have been in love with it. It was the best decision I could have made.

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