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Apple ipad review – what a rip off

The ipad price just doesn't justify the benefits

I have been seeing a lot of advertisements for the Apple ipad this holiday season. Apple is usually pushing the iphone, or newest ipod, but the ipad really seemed to catch my attention this year. I just got a bonus at work and was considering spoiling myself. So I decided to head out to the Apple store.

I was greeted at the door by a sales associate, and made my way to the ipad display. I picked it up and started playing around with the different features of the ipad. I must admit it is a neat gadget, but seemed to be exactly the same as an iphone (with the exception of the larger screen of course). You could play music, surf the internet, watch youtube videos, ect…

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One of the sales associates approached me and started giving me some more information about the product. She went on to tell me that the ipad is offered in two different versions. One with Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. This version gives you access to the internet wherever you go but comes with a charge of $20 per month. The other version just comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. So if you are out of Wi-Fi range you have no access to the internet. I thanked her and continued you fiddle with the different ipad applications.

For all the ipad had to offer the price just didn’t seem to justify the benefits. I already have an iphone, and the ipad seemed to do exactly what my phone already does. The Wi-Fi ipad starts at $500 and has as 16 GB of memory. In my opinion a computer without internet access is pretty worthless. So why would I purchase such an expensive item that can’t even serve my needs all the time.

So I went on to check out the price of the Wi-Fi and 3G version. For just the 16 GB model it would be $630, plus the $20 monthly charge. Though this model would give me internet access wherever I go, it still does the same thing as my iphone, except it can’t make phone calls. To me it just seems like a worthless technology.

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When I proceeded to the exit I was approached by the same sales associate, and asked what I thought about the item. I politely told her I would think about it and then proceeded to leave. I left the store a little disappointed, but I’m glad I got to see what all the ipad fuss was about. It’s a cool gadget, but the costs just don’t justify the service of the product. Maybe I’ll spend some of my bonus money on a spa day with my girlfriends instead.

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