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Arbys roast beef sandwich review – apparently the employees at this restaurant don’t care if they get the aluminum foil wrapper sliced up into your sandwich!

Arbys roast beef sandwich review
I ordered a roast beef and cheddar combo from Arby's and got a disgusting sandwich and a serving of racism here in Detroit Michigan!

I was hungry and felt like a good hot roast beef and melted cheddar cheese sandwich. So I stopped by the Arby’s at 200 Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan (phone number 313-567-9800) and ordered a roast beef combo.  I paid for my order and then got what I ordered – a Pepsi, curly fries and the melted Beef and cheddar sandwich.

The employed I dealt with was a little bit rude – probably because I was a white person and they were black (unfortunately, this reverse racism behavior is quite prevalent here in Detroit Michigan as the African-Americans hold all whites responsible for their plight whatever that might be).  I then took my meal and got napkins and a straw and then sat down to eat it.

The fries looked and tasted good and I took a sip of the soda.  The soda taste a little bit off – as if there wasn’t enough sugar or water in it.  When I was growing up as a kid I used to work at a McDonald’s restaurant and when the carbonation and soda machines weren’t hooked up correctly you would taste too much of the carbonation and syrup.  That’s what this soda tasted like.

Anyway, on to the Arby’s beef and cheddar sandwich.  when I open up the sandwich packaging and look at the sandwich it looked squished.  Before I took a bite out of the sandwich I decided to open it up and take a look at it.  You never know with a fast food restaurant like this where the disgruntled employees might take out their revenge on a customer or two by spitting in your sandwich or something similar.

When I opened up the beef and cheddar sandwich I notice something shiny in the beef.  It was the wrapping or packaging they keep the beef in.  It’s kind of like an aluminum foil or shiny packaging and apparently this employee didn’t bother to remove it from the roast beef when they were slicing it up.  I looked up from the sandwich and looked at the counter and I saw the employees looking at me, laughing and pointing.

It was very clear and apparent that these employees knowingly screwed with my sandwich and my food.  I knew that if I had gone to the counter at this Arby’s I was not going to get treated well.  So I just took my food and right in front of them I dumped it in the trash.  Then while walking out and right by the cashiers, I told the employees that I know were involved in this that I was going to post my complaint all over the Internet.

They laughed and giggled and apparently didn’t care.  The one even went so far as to say exactly this while laughing, “have a nice day whitey!”  What a real class act this Arby’s restaurant is in Detroit Michigan.  I would heavily advise that everyone avoid the Arby’s restaurant at 200 Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan.  Who knows what code or will happen to your food before you eat it.

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