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Are you for medical marijuana in North Carolina? Then you need to check out and join the movement to get marijuana for medical purposes legalized in the state of North Carolina!

Are you for medical marijuana? Regardless of whether or not you use marijuana for medicinal purposes or not, the movement to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina needs your help. It is becoming more and more obvious that the government has been lying to everyone since the 1930s when marijuana was made illegal.

What the government has been telling us all along is a bunch of lies. From the misleading documentary Reefer Madness from years back where they claim smoking marijuana makes people insanely crazy killers and dance to loud music to the lies propagated in recent times by the pharmaceutical industries (“Big Pharma”), the police unions (they want their union members to keep their jobs which many would lose if marijuana were legalized) and other groups in need of education.

medical marijuana and the NCCPN
Join in the fight to legalize medical marijuana for patients that need and deserve it in North Carolina!

Big pharma we all know is corrupt as they our only interested in selling and controlling expensive medicines regardless of the harm these chemical concoctions are doing to the bodies of American citizens. Just look up the side effects of Oxycontin and other related pain and muscle relaxing drugs. Guess what? There are no side effects for medical marijuana.

Not only are there no side effects, but also there’s a lot of great effects. First off, marijuana has been shown to retard cancer and tumorous growths. Cigarette smoking has been shown and proven to cause cancer. This is not the case with marijuana. Cigarette smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people each and every year. Not one has died from marijuana. Yet anyone can buy cigarettes (even school children as it is easier then ever for them to get their hands on cigarettes, not to mention prescription drugs like OxyContin).

The real problem is not marijuana as it is nonaddictive. The real problem is with big Pharma and their highly addictive drugs and pills like OxyContin. Right now in North Carolina we are not asking for them to legalize marijuana for everyone. We want legal access to medical marijuana for those who have conditions that a licensed doctor prescribes it for.

Marijuana is far less hurtful or harmful than OxyContin. So physicians and doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana for their patients if it is so deemed necessary. Marijuana is more effective than any other drug in treating mental trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (like many of our veterans have), Cancer, depression, epilepsy, wasting disease, HIV and AIDS, etc…

The list of medical diseases and disorders that can be effectively treated with marijuana is very long and growing due to recent research. Do your research and look beyond the lies from the government. Marijuana is not a bad drug. It is a medicine that can help people to eat that can’t eat after taking chemotherapy. it can help Armed Forces veterans that have seen and witnessed events that you and I can’t possibly fathom in protecting our country and our rights deal with their horrible memories and nightmares.

Right now if a veteran gets caught in the state of North Carolina with marijuana they lose their veterans benefits. Yet, if they’re in one of the other 17 states that have approved marijuana for medical purposes then they don’t get in trouble and they keep their veterans benefits. Is this fair? Should our crooked politicians and corrupt companies like the drug and pharmaceutical companies that sink billions into lobbying in Washington DC to make sure marijuana doesn’t become legalized be allowed to determine what medicines are doctors can prescribe for us regardless of if there is better medicine out there?


We need to stand up and make a difference. If you are for medical marijuana whether it be for yourself were four a loved one that has a serious medical condition or similar, we need you to log on to the NCCPN website ( and join us in this fight to make sure that God’s greatest medicine becomes legalized for medical purposes in the state of North Carolina.

Together we can make a difference and as we’ve seen in the other 17 states we can win this war over Big Pharma, corrupt politicians, police labor unions, etc… 17 states have now approved marijuana for medical purposes for their citizens. In the next five years this will double. Please join in the fight and help us to make this a reality for those that need it the most in North Carolina. Log on to the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network at and make a difference.

The more people we can get behind this the quicker we can get medical marijuana legally approved in North Carolina – and the quicker we can get healthy medicines with zero negative side effects into the hands of patients that need and deserve them.

Make a difference and visit the NCCPN at!

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