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Ashley Furniture Charlotte NC review and complaint – very pushy sales staff!

Ashley Furniture Charlotte NC review and complaint
I had a terrible experience at Ashley Furniture - very pushy sales staff!

I went to Ashley furniture in June of this year to look at replacing the couch in our bonus room. The couch that is in there now is from my parents and we’ve had it since my college days (about 6 years) and it definitely looks worn out, has numerous stains and even some burn holes (I don’t smoke, but some of my roommates did) and needs replacing.

My wife and I saw an advertisement in the Charlotte Observer about a great sale going on at Ashley Furniture so we went to the one that is right down the street from us in North Charlotte here (the one in the University area off Harris Blvd). The store looked nice and as soon as we walked in we were greeted by a really pushy sales person.

When I say pushy this guy just didn’t stop. We told him that we were just looking and after every couch we saw or sat on he asked immediately, “Let me go write up your order.” It got really annoying quick. I had to keep telling him to put the brakes on. The Ashley Furniture salesperson was obviously just interested in making a quick sale and going on to their next customer.

When my wife and I finally found a couch that we liked he wanted to write up the deal immediately. Man he was so pushy it almost made me not want to buy from Ashley Furniture (I wish I hadn’t and I will tell you about that in a second). Then the salesperson tried to sell us on this protection gimmick – just like the ones used car stores use to beef up the selling price and their profits.

They guarantee the couch against burns, stains, etc… but if you ask to see the contract and really read the small print you will find that it is issued by an entirely different company then Ashley Furniture. No where does it say that Ashley Furniture will fix or replace your couch.

My experience with these 3rd party warranties and protection schemes is just that – there is so much tiny writing that you have to read and if you read it all it basically states that nothing is covered (just read all the exclusions and conditions). I wanted to read all the exclusions and conditions, but our salesperson was telling me I didn’t have to and that the warranty was great – yeah, right. I’ll believe him – not!

When he told me not to read the warranty contract I said you’re right – I’m not buying the protection as it is worthless. He then got mad and told me I was making a big mistake. I told him that buying fro him or through him was a bigger mistake. We ended up buying the sofa, but that was a horrible experience.

I never had to deal with such pushy sales people outside of a car dealership – you can expect pushy salespeople at car dealerships, but at a furniture store like Ashley Furniture? You can bet it will be a while before I venture into that store again.

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