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Asics gel running sneaker review – I love these Asics sneakers!

Asics gel running sneaker review
I have been wearing Asics running sneakers for over 14 years and have never been disappointed.


I bought my first pair of Asics gel running sneakers about 14 years ago from a Kohls store in Vestal, New York. They were the best fitting and feeling running shoes that I have ever owned. And I have found each pair of ASICS sneakers that I have bought to far outlast any other brand of sneakers.

I have worn Nike, New Balance, Reebok and many other brands of sneakers over the years. Undoubtedly none of these can compare to any of the ASICS gel sneakers that I have worn. My wife has from time to time bought me a different pair of sneakers to try and get me to change from always wearing Asics brand sneakers.

Every time there is something wrong with the other manufactures sneakers. With new balance their sizes tend to run smaller and narrower. I cannot wear most new balance sneakers as they are extremely uncomfortable and pinch my little toes. I also tend to get blisters from new balance sneakers because they just do not fit my feet very well at all.

Nike Air sneakers are more expensive and are very delicate. Somehow, I have managed to get a flat in one of my sneakers every time I have worn a Nike air sneaker. And that basically renders the sneaker useless. You cannot use or wear a flat Nike air sneaker. Besides why would I want the sneaker that’s almost twice as expensive that sucks?




I have never found a pair of Reebok sneakers that I liked. Reeboks tend to be too heavy and clumsy for serious running or training. There also cheaply made and do not last any words near as long as many of the other manufactures brands and especially not as long as any of the Asics brand sneakers that I have worn.

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It’s kind of like the difference between buying tires for your car or truck. The ASICS brand would be the 80,000 mile tires. Reeboks would be the 10,000 or even 5,000 mile tires. The Nikes would’ve already gotten a flat a long time ago before the Reeboks and the new balance sneakers would be so uncomfortable that you wouldn’t want to continue using them due to the blisters they tend to produce.

I will stick with my favorites and these same sneakers have been my favorites for over 14 years now – the Asics gel running sneakers collection. I usually abstain from the higher-priced ASICS and stick with those that I can buy on sale for around $35-$40. These offer everything I need in a sneaker and they last and fit great. I highly recommend the entire Asics brand of sneakers and especially the Asics gel running sneaker line.

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