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Attention potential whistleblowers – there’s no more trusted source or place to put your report then on!

Attention potential whistleblowers - there's no more trusted source or place to put your report then on ScreamingReviews
Post your whistleblower reports here on to get the best results!

Do you work for a company and have seen something that shouldn’t be going on or that is illegal? It doesn’t matter if it involves sexual-harassment, fraudulent accounting (which has become quite popular in companies as of lately), theft, lies, misinformation, misleading advertising (most car dealerships are guilty of this as they regularly advertise cars for sale that they don’t have in stock to lure in customers), etc… you need to report it or else it will never get fixed and shareholders and Americans could lose money or worse if the matter is not brought out in the open.

There are federal whistleblower laws which do protect employees reporting on their employer or company for wrongdoings. You can report it in many different ways, but the most trusted consumer porting website ( with readers to include the editors of the Boston Globe, USA Today, the Charlotte Observer, The LA Times, and many more important business and news outlets offers the best results by far.

No where else will you be able to remain in complete anonymity (as we do not reveal any of our readers or contributors information – ever). Plus all reports here are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy before being made live and then, once approved and made live, they will remain there permanently for all to see forever! We never pull down or remove consumers posts.

All other consumer reporting websites on the Internet remove posts in exchange for company monies (bribes). Whether they offer a paid membership in exchange for editting/removing complaints (the Better Business Bureau (BBB)), a corporate advocacy type program where they “review” complaints and quietly remove them in exchange for $500 or more, premium reputation management services ($5,000 a year for businesses and $99 a month for consumers at PissedConsumer, etc… They all edit, remove or alter consumer complaints for payment – this is not at all conducive to honest or trustful business practices at all.

They do all this without ever contacting the original consumer that made the negative report. so regardless of whether the consumer got their money back, things were fixed, etc., the information is changed and usually to make the business look more positive. The problem here is this is completely dishonest, misreporting and misleading.

If the consumer reads a review on a product or service that usually is because they’re thinking of purchasing it themselves. If they end up reading reviews that are altered, edited, or that just aren’t there because they’ve been deleted wrongfully, they can make a bad decision based on that wrongful information. Here at we do not edit or remove consumers reports or posts in exchange for paid membership, joining a expensive corporate advocacy type program, a premium reputation management service that reviews complaints, etc…

Posts and complaints posted on our website stay there permanently forever. They do go through an initial review to eliminate false complaints and reviews by competitors. Everyone knows that the websites other consumer reporting websites are loaded with many false reports by competitors. This is why there are and have been numerous lawsuits associated with these other websites along with ongoing legal battles to even possibly include forthcoming RICO charges in one case (I certainly wouldn’t want federal RICO charges levied against me or my business – that’s a minimum of 30 years in jail)!

We here at take pride in the fact that our website is operated in a 100% honest fashion. We do not take money from companies or other sources to edit or hide reviews or posts. consumers can be confident in the fact that when they place their opinions and reviews or complaints on our website,, that we will not hide or remove their reports for an illegal cash payment like most other consumer report websites do.

So, if you have whistleblower type information or any other information that you would like to post on the web from a review to a complaint to a whistleblower report the best and most trusted place to put it where it will get the most impact and do the most good is right here on Don’t waste your time with other sites where you will get hidden or removed by a underhanded and slimy payment made by the company trying to cover their tracks and bad behavior. Besides, more attorneys, State attorney generals, government agencies, newspapers and news sources check daily then any other consumer reporting website!

All reviews, complaints, posts, and whistleblower reports once posted to our website and made live will permanently stay there. Take comfort and take pride in the number one most trusted, honest and best consumer reporting website out there –!

To leave your whistleblower report, complaint, gripe, review, etc… click here!

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