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Aweber and email marketing – Aweber email automation takes email marketing to a whole new and very profitable level.

Aweber and email marketing
I switched to Aweber for my email marketingquite some time ago and have been very pleased with the excellent results ever since.

There’s been a whole lot of talk about e-mail marketing going on lately and apparently for some people it does very well and for others they think that it’s dead. I have been running online businesses for the past 10 years and regardless of the changes in the Internet e-mail marketing, when done correctly, can easily be the most profitable form of marketing for your online business.

Now it takes time to properly do e-mail marketing. First of all you need to have something interesting to say and you need to do it in a non-spam way. if you constantly spam your e-mail list you will lose participants in droves. And they have to be able to opt out as to the requirements of state and federal laws.

So how do you do e-mail marketing properly without putting a whole lot of time into it? you use an expert in the field like Aweber. There are several e-mail automation companies and websites out there. From my personal experience and looking at this from a conversion and profit view, there is none better then Aweber.

There are a few that might be a little bit cheaper than AWeber, but when you take into consideration conversions, profits and lost email members (those that choose to be opted out) you will quickly see that Aweber comes out far ahead of the competition. For instance, by going with other cheaper services you might save a dollar or two a month.

But you could easily lose 100 or more members of your perspective customer and email list. you may also go from a 8% conversion down to a 3% or less conversion ratio. These are just numbers are throwing out there user numbers have actually seen in my own business because I originally used some other email automation services based solely on initial costs rather then looking farther into it like with conversions and retention ratios.

The difference is you might save a dollar or two a month initially, but in the long run you will end up losing on average $5-$10,000 by using a less effective and worse converting email automation service. That is a huge difference. That is exactly what I saw. A friend of mine told me about AWeber when I was initially using another competitor.

They told me I needed to try them both and compare the two cited Sever myself which one was converting better and retaining customers better. So I split my e-mail list up in as fair a manner as I could. Then I gave it several months and then I compared the results. there was a huge marked difference in the conversion, profit and retention ratios.

Aweber had a conversion ratio that was more than double of the other competitor. My profits were way up on the half of the email list that Aweber was automating. And, most importantly, by retention ratio was much better with Aweber then with the leading cometitor for email automation services.

Since then just to make sure I’m using the best e-mail automation service out there, I continuously do this test against all the leading email automation services. To this date none have come anywheres near Aweber. Aweber is cheap and the best email automation service out there. I highly recommend them for taking your email marketing and business profits and conversions to the next level.

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