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Awesome Muffin Frittatas recipe you simply have to try!

I picked up this awesome recipe for muffin frittatas at the Fitness Expo at the Cabarrus County arena last weekend. We have since cooked them up several times for breakfast. I like to use cup cake cups for them as it makes them easier to serve and adds that finishing touch to them.

egg fritattas

Here is a picture of 4 egg fritattas ready to eat. Don’t they look yummy?

egg fritatta ready to eat

Here is a close up of one of the egg fritattas. See the zuchini, peppers and onions? I think mine ended up looking far better then the ones on the repise card I was given at the fitness expo.

egg fritatta recipe card

This is the picture of the front of the recipe card. I still think mine look better.

awesome egg fritatta recipe

This is a picture of the back of the recipe card. So you can see the actual recipe. I just used larger pieces of zuchini, peppers and onions and I think that makes it look better and taste better. I didn’t exactly chop the zuchini, peppers and onions. I instead used a chef’s knife and cut them into larger chunks. I tried it both ways and mine looks and tastes better, but you try it and find what works best for you. Either way these little muffin fritattas will definitely be a welcome treat in the morning kids and adults alike.


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