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Bad Dogs Review – Slow service, great drink specials, and a fun college bar

I had a great time at Bad Dogs even though they had slow service

It was my friend’s birthday so we all we’re going out to grab a few drinks. She decided she wanted to go to Bad Dogs in the Charlotte, NC university area. I had been only once before, but that was a very long time ago. I spend the majority of my time at Boardwalk Billys when I went out in this area.

She showed up around 11 pm and the place was pretty packed. I had never seen it this crowded before. The doorman checked our ID’s. It was free with a college ID, but $5 if you didn’t have one. It worked out for all of us since we were all students.

We walked in and we could barely move it was so crowded. We made our way to the back to find the a table where people were leaving. It was very good timing. Everyone sat down and I went to the bar to get the first round of drinks.

They had $1 PBR specials which I couldn’t complain about. It’s not too often you can find $1 beer specials. So I went there to order us all a round of PBR’s and some shots for the birthday girl. It took forever for any of the bartenders to serve me. I must have stood there for over 10 minutes waiting to be served. It was ridiculous. I got the drinks, paid cash and left.

I recognized a lot of people from school there and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The DJ working that was a friend of my roommates and he was pretty good. His name was Uriah. He had everyone dancing all night.

I went up to get another round of drinks later on and it again took forever to get. I didn’t have any more cash so I went to put them on my credit card. I never like to start tabs at the bar. I just don’t like the idea of them holding my card, plus someone else could order under my name I would never know. I paid with the card but they never gave it back to me. They just assumed I was starting a tab.

This really infuriated me that they wouldn’t even ask me if I wanted to start one. So I had to stand there for another 20 minutes trying to get their attention so they could close the tab and give me my card back. This was just so annoying. I usually tip well, but after that experience those last round of drinks weren’t tipped very well at all.

Overall we all had a good time. The drinks were cheap, the place was packed, and Bad Dogs was good that night. I would like to come back sometime soon. On a college budget drinks can get to be expensive. You can’t go wrong with $1 beers, even if they are PBR.

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