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Bank of America employees stole my income tax return!

Bank of America employees stole my income tax return
The employees at my local Bank of America stole my tax return!

This is a true story that everyone needs to hear about! It is about a little old customer (me) and a big, nasty bank (Bank of America) that ripped me off by stealing my money right out from under me and then lying about it to me. When they were cornered about it they tried to pass the blame off on me – I could not believe it.

Bank of America screwed up by losing my money (or their employees stole it and they were covering it up). I had banked with Bank of America for over 3 years and as I do every year I direct deposited my income tax return from the IRS. This years tax return was pretty big (bigger then the last 2 years returns put together (I hired a new accountant that was more creative and found all sorts of ways to get money back for me – he is great.

Anyway, so I direct deposited the income tax return in my Bank of America account. I then took out around $500 (my tax return was a little over 15 times this amount). I then decided to go and buy a house and I was going to use the majority of the money from my tax return as the down payment. I went into my local Bank of America and the teller told me it was all gone and that I had already withdrawn it.

That was impossible. I showed her and her manager my receipts and the fact that there was no other money withdrawn by me. They told me that there were 4 withdrawals including the one I did for the $500. The other 3 totaled everything that was in my checking account. I never did the other withdrawals. I told them this.

They ended up refunding me a small amount $400 or so stating that there might have been some fraudulent activity on my account, but they didn’t refund anything else (I lost out on over $6500!) That is how much went missing and the employees at Bank of America are refusing to do an internal investigation and find out what really happened so I can get my money back.

I work very hard for my money and now I am out over $6500 because of what is probably employee theft at Bank of America! That is just sick! That is a lot of money for me and would take me a whole year to get that back for a deposit on a house. The worst part is the employees said it was most likely due to fraud on my part. They were actually putting the blame for my money disappearing on me.

I thought banks like Bank of America were supposed to protect my money – not steal it. I wonder how many other people this has happened to? To top it off, because my balance was low they charged me a low balance banking fee ($14 or so). They really screw you over here at Bank of America.

I am definitely leaving Bank of America in the next few weeks and going elsewhere. I will not deal with a bank that steals from its customers and then blames them for the losses. Ridiculous and sick!

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