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Bar Charlotte Review – this is by far the dirtiest bar I have ever been to

Bar Charlotte is the dirtiest bar I have ever been to

It was a friend of mines birthday and she wanted to go out to downtown Charlotte. She always had this fascination with Bar Charlotte, so she decided she wanted to go there. I had never been before and I was about to find out first hand what it was really like.

We walked up to see a little bit of a line outside the door. It was a little cold so I wasn’t too happy about having to wait to get it. I left my jacket in the car expecting to walk right in with problem. However I was wrong.

Once we got through showing the doorman our ID’s there was a woman at the counter charging cover. I didn’t know that this place had a cover to get in and I was a bit disappointed that it was $10 to get into a place like this. It didn’t look too classy from the outside.

Once we got inside I bought the first round of drinks for my date and the birthday girl. It was a little pricey, but it was her birthday so I didn’t mind spending $20 on the first round. I was shocked at how much beer prices were. They were charging $4.25 for Bud Light which I though was ridiculous. Even if the fanciest night clubs I have never seen anything over 4 dollars for a Bud Light or comparable beer.

We got our drinks and moved closer to the dance floor and where everything was going on. There was a guy on the microphone screaming about how Bar Charlotte is the best party bar in Charlotte and about getting “hammered” drunk. He was very vulgar and degrading about how he talked to and about women. I am a man, and I was still uncomfortable with the things he was saying.

I tried to just tune him out as the nigh went on. Which was pretty easy because of everything else that was going on in the bar. There were women dressed nearly naked walking around selling shots. In many cases they had the shot vile wedged between their breasts trying to attract attention from the men to buy them.

There was also half naked women dancing top of the bar there, as well as a girl giving a “swing dance” to a man swinging on a swing in the corner. This place reminded me more of a strip club than a bar in my opinion. I just didn’t understand why my friend would want to come here, but she loves it apparently.

The women that worked there that were dressed skimpy were at least good looking women. The gross part was the women that were there at the club. There were very fat and gross women dancing on the bar which had “stripper” poles on them. The gross women were grinding up on them, trying to imitate strippers. Most of them up there were hogs and was really gross to look at.

In one case there was one girl who was extremely intoxicated trying to swing on the pole like a stripper and was wearing a dress. She kept trying to flip upside down and her dress would fly open exposing herself. I felt bad for the girl that none of her friends had the decency to get her down from there. She was clearly embarrassing herself.

After all this non sense I had clearly seen enough. We stayed for a couple more drinks but got out of there was fast as we could. Bar Charlotte was bar far the dirtiest bar I have ever been to. I will not be rushing back to go out there any time soon. There are much better clubs I would much rather be at if I am choosing to go out.

3 thoughts on “Bar Charlotte Review – this is by far the dirtiest bar I have ever been to

  1. I have been there before. It is so dirty there. There are so many fat girls, and all the girls there are sluts. I will never be back there again!

  2. Bar Charlotte was by far the nastiest club I have ever been too. I have been to some trashy clubs in hartford CT and Bar Charlotte was 10 million times worse than Hartford has ever been. It was absolutely disgusting i will never ever go there again. Anyone who is looking for a good bar in charlotte should go anywhere BUT bar charlotte!

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