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Barefoot Private Investigations review – they caught my spouse having an affair with another man!

Barefoot Private Investigations NC review
Barefoot Private Investigations found proof that my spouse was cheating with another man!

You know what? I had always been wondering if my husband was seeing someone else on the side or something similar. So one day at a friends recommendation I hired a private investigator from Barefoot Private Investigations off East Morehead Street here in Charlotte NC. The private investigators there took the time to listen and they and then they did a complete investigation into my spouse.

After talking to me and learning about my husband’s whereabouts, work habits and more they put together a surveillance plan and followed my husband around for a few weeks. Then they asked me if I o really wanted to know the truth. They said the truth might shock me and they weren’t kidding.

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It turned out my husband was having an affair but not with another woman. Instead he was having an affair with a man! I could not believe it when they told me this. So show me their video surveillance of it. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. The man I had been married to and had children with that are now fully grown was having sexual intercourse in a gay manner with another man.

I did not knew that my husband was gay nor did I even think that was the case. Either I was really clueless and missed all the obvious signs which I don’t think there were any or he lied to me all this time and was in the closet. Regardless a man doesn’t go and have sex with another man unless they’re gay.

I confronted my husband with this and since then we’ve split up and become divorced. He actually moved in with his lover. I just still can’t get over it. I must say, though, that the folks at Barefoot Private Investigations were very professional and great to work with. I’m sorry they had to go through the ordeal that I did in finding out what my husband was really up to.

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But if you have doubts about your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc… I can’t think of anyone better to hire than Barefoot Private Investigations. I highly recommend them.

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  1. That’s got to be horrible. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to find out your spouse was gay and having an affair with another man behind your back. That’s just terrible and crazy.

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