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Bass Pro Shops Santa Claus review – Best Santa Claus for kids and it is 100% free!

Bass Pro Shops Santa Claus review
I took the kids to Bass Pro Shops for Santa's Wonderland and we had a blast!


It’s about that time of year again (Christmas) to have pictures taken of the kids with Santa Claus. So where do you go to get your children’s pictures taken with Santa Claus? Do you go to the mall? I used to, what is obvious to anyone that these mall Santa Claus operations are definitely for-profit. I found the best free Santa Claus for kids pictures at Bass Pro Shops.

Before talking about the Santa Claus at Bass Pro shops, I first have to tell you about the truth behind the mall Santas. What you need to do is look at the price list they give you for pictures. You also have to read the fine print posted just about everywhere that says you cannot use your own cameras.

The reason for this is they do not want you to be able to print your own pictures they want you to buy their heavily, heavily marked up pictures. If you think the prices for pictures that they take through your local school for your children are expensive but multiply this by a factor of 2 to 3. That’s how much more expensive the mall pictures typically are.

Then there comes the Santa Claus experience at Bass Pro shops where it is totally free (yes you can buy mugs and other items printed with your kids pictures for a price that’s very reasonable, but it is not required). The best part is they allow you and even encourage you to bring your own cameras.




Instead of trying to make money off of Santa Claus, they give you an experience at Bass Pro shops for the children. The area of their store that used to be all boats is emptied of the boats and four wheelers and this whole area is converted into a winter wonderland. They have a really neat Santa Claus area which is among the best and far better than the one out in the samemall (Carolina Place Mall).

But not only do they have Santa Claus and his elves, but they have electronic racing car games, remote-controlled trucks and pens for driving them in, etc… you can get hot fudge and all sorts of treats for the kids. Plus there is even a bunch of neat little desks and tables set up full of coloring books and crayons and other things to keep the kids busy.

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The best part is it doesn’t cost you a penny. It’s all put on by the store, Bass Pro shops, absolutely free just like their huge fish aquarium. We went there last weekend with the kids and got some great pictures of the kids with Santa Claus and had a great time. We then took our pictures to target and had them converted into picture Christmas cards that look really nice and we will be sending to all of our relatives.

So, this Christmas, if you are looking for the best place to have your children’s pictures taken with Santa Claus, then you definitely need to take your kids to the nearest Bass Pro shops – they will have a blast and you will definitely come away with some great pictures especially if you bring your own camera. I highly recommend this.

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