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The BBB has been running one of the largest extortion scams for decades and now has finally been caught by the media and you can follow it on - a great whistleblower website that really exposes all the fraud and more going on at the BBB!

I have known for years that the Better Business Bureau has been playing an extortion racket in numerous cities across the United States.  Basically, if you haven’t heard about it already, they rate businesses from a high grade of A to the lowest grade of F on their websites.  consumers use these reports to judge whether or not to do business or purchase a product from a company.

The problem is is that this grading scale is totally up in the air.  It is 100% for sale everywhere in the country.  If you are not a member of the Better Business Bureau you will not see an A grade for your company.  Else wise, you could be a member and have a horrible record of ripping off consumers and as long as you pay them their fees to be a member you will get an A rating.

Now is that fair or just?  Absolutely not – that’s pure extortion.  all one has to do is look at the listings and reports for their local car dealers.  Almost every party alert in the United States of America has hundreds if not thousands of complaints because they rip off consumers.  you can’t run a new car dealership and make a profit and not rip off consumers – it’s not possible.  Yet, every new car dealer in the nation has an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Go figure.

I have been speaking out about the Better Business Bureau and it’s extortion scam for years, but at least I am not the only one.  Now there is a website who’s sole purpose is to expose the extortion scam going on at the BBB –  This website is very informative and has a lot of great information on it.

It also has links and more on current TV show investigations into the BBB (like ABC’s 20/20 and others).  There is even news on litigation involving the BBB and its extortion scam.  Several state attorney generals are actively going after the BBB for its untruthful grading system and taking payments to flout the grades.

I especially like the part where it talks about the terrorist group Hamas and how they joined the BBB and after paying their $425 extortion fee were given a rating of A-.  This was exposed on TV investigative reports and shows and it isn’t one instance.  There are millions of cases of fraudulent chicanery with the Better Business Bureau’s grading system.

I think Everyone needs to visit the site so you can see the real truth behind the BBB and their extortion scam.  The BBB is only after one thing and that is profits and they don’t care that they have misled the public and consumers for decades.  I share the same opinion as the author on BBBRoundup that the Better Business Bureau has long outlived its usefulness and needs to be shut down.

Check out BBBRoundup.  It’s loaded with lots of great information, helpful links, a timeline of legal events with the BBB, information on how the BBB has been misleading the public and dodging the law for decades and even stuff on how to challenge a bad grade wrongfully given by the BBB.  BBBRoudup calls light to what could possibly be the biggest scam in America – the BBB itself!

3 thoughts on “ BBB whistleblower website review – you NEED to check out this website and how the BBB may actually be running a massive scam!

  1. Wow. I always knew there was something shady going on at my local BBB. We did nothing wrong and never had a single complaint and yet we were given a rating of D. We were called several times by the BBB in attempts to get us to join their list of businesses and they promised that our D would go to an A if we paid them something like $300 per year to be a member. Now my suspicions have been confirmed!

  2. We received a phone call from the Raleigh BBB asking us if we wanted to resolve a complaint made by a consumer. We were informed that in order to guarantee “resolve” in the matter we would need to write a check to the local BBB for $600.00. Essentially attempting to extort money from our business.

    They explained that they had mailed two complaint letters, we received one AFTER they called us, that we had limited time to adhere to their complaint schedule; in other words send them money now. I explained to them that I would review the compliant and contact them back, after reviewing what they initially put online we determined that the customer, WHO WOULD NOT REVEAL THEIR REAL NAME, was a person who had in fact ripped our company off.

    This customer thought he knew what was wrong with his boat and insisted he was right, even though he could not fix it himself; to the point of claiming we were even trying to rip him off. He had an electrical issue that required swapping out most of the system (battery, plugs, cables, starter, wires) to find the problem. He wrote us a check, while not complaining about anything and picked up his jetski then canceled the check. He has never returned any of the seven phone calls made to him by us about the matter. Which we have informed the police about.

    After filing a complaint with the BBB and of course not bothering to contact us, as we apparently don’t know what we are doing, according to him; he them canceled his personal check to us and refuses to clear his complaint with the BBB even though he received free service and parts, which he also refuses to return. The Wake County Sheriff’s office has told us that after we file a civil complaint and win a judgment they would then charge him with felony theft. Unfortunately for us as a small business that customer’s $573.00 bill is simply not worth the day in court and one thousand dollar filing fee charged by Wake County. This is one of the many reasons why dealerships and honest service shops will not bother with mobile service, there is no automatic lien placed on the property enforceable in court without a civil suit process. Our company lost more than $170.00’s in parts cost, which the BBB refuses to acknowledge since we refuse to pay them their extortion fee. I have gone as far as threatening to contact the local police and record their phone calls next time they decide to allow someone with no evidence to libel us online and then extort money from our business. Consequently, the Raleigh BBB gave our company an F rating and wrote three of their own bad reviews about us, because we would not pay them to remove the original complaint.

    We have had/handled 15 serious customer complaints in seven years of doing business out of more than three thousand service jobs performed(and we can back that up with documentation in court). Out of the total available market in Wake County we are currently servicing 5% annually and have a referral rate of 20% meaning that 1 in five customers has been referred by an existing customer. Other than a phone book listing Dave’s Marine Services spends no money on advertising.

  3. The BBB continues to defraud consumers and business alike. It’s really, really sad to see this criminal organization be allowed to continue it’s corrupt practices with no oversight and no accountability while performing “shakedowns” of business that refuse to participate. Anybody can achieve a good rating by simply paying their extortion fees! This is shameful, deceptive and a disservice to Americans. I’d like to see a congressional investigation – something with some teeth and put a stop to these criminals!

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