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BCBS Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance review – is it better then the rest?

BCBS Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance review
I saved almost $300 per month on my health insurance just by doing a little research and then switching from BCBS to Aetna!

I have had Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance coverage for the past several years. What I’ve noticed is that their rates have kept increasing at an alarming rate through these past several years. So I decided to compare coverages and costs with other companies and I found that they are getting a little too expensive.

I found several companies that are offering the exact same coverage that I was getting for about $200 or more per month less. now I could see staying with Blue Cross and Blue Shield if there was a big difference in the coverage. like, for instance, if there were a big decrease in the pool coverage or if there were an increase in adoptable or some other portion of the health insurance coverage.

so I specifically searched out and compared either exactly similar or almost exactly similar plans from other companies and I found that almost every single reputable health insurance company out there was cheaper then Blue Cross Blue Shield. So I went to research these companies for more and found that some of them even had better customer reviews and ratings.

So I and my wife finally made the big decision and we switched from Blue Cross Blue Shield and we ended up going with Aetna. For the exact same coverage that we were getting with Blue Cross Blue Shield we saved just under $300 per month by switching to Aetna. Now, you might say we’ll wait until you start using your health insurance cards and you’ll most surely find there to be some difference.

Nope. There was no difference at all. We still had the exact same co-pays and were treated the exact same by our doctors and even by the local emergency room – we found this out because we had to take my son to have his lip have two stitches put in it). We also didn’t have to switch doctors at all – that was also a big concern of ours that we might have to switch doctors, but we didn’t have to switch them at all.

The only difference we found, which in my book is pretty major, is that we saved $296 per month just by doing a little research on the Internet and switching health-insurance companies. That $296 per month that I saved I am always decided to put into a investment account for our children to help fund their college tuition and expenses. For more financial planner says that $296 per month will easily, by the time our kids are in college, pay for not only all their college expenses, but probably their first house also – sweet!

Now I want you to understand I did not have any issues with Blue Cross and Blue Shield other than the fact that they were too expensive. So I recommend out of this is that you take the time to check around and make sure you’re getting the best deal on your health insurance. Just by doing a little bit of research I saved enough money that in due time will make it so that my kids college expenses will all be paid for! That’s some pretty significant savings in my book!

One thought on “BCBS Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance review – is it better then the rest?

  1. BCBS is expensive, but so is every health insurance carrier. Insurance and medical costs are always climbing and this makes the health insurance rates at all insurance companies go up. Hopefully we will have soon a free health care system like they do in Canada and Europe.

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